Zhao Yang Quan

Zhao Yang Quan Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Zhao Yang Quan

Shaolin Zhao Yang Quan is one of the eighteen most famous boxing Shaolin Kung Fu.

Zhao Yang Quan four road, each action name as follows:

The first road action name

Type double fold, Wuhua mountain frame, Yang hand surface skimming palm, fork step pick crotch Yin cut palm, palm, double wear tiger sitting hole, single cut palm, hated feet undersea gun. One dozen tiger style, King Kong pounding, Yan Fei, he pushed the monument, kite day, independent female hammer, hand in hand stopped submarine guns, rockets, and even three hammer, hammer drill core split kite forest, jump cut broken jade, wrist hand horse red heart hammer, boy scout., horse three fists, turn over the fish, hands on, three wheel landing, fork step care days, wrist hand split heart hammer, scorpions end of reel, even three hammer, at two feet, look back on, streaky lying pillow, tornado feet, the tiger out of the hole, hated feet underwater gun, jump Wuhua mountain.

Second the action name

Double fold, Genting hated feet underwater gun, the core splitting hammer, bow type, single color feet, tiger type, screw hand one kick, split heart hammer, double pick, double palm tiger heart hammer, split, double fork cover hand, two ears, two tiger big mouth, a great hawk spreads its wings, in the leg swing, small shoes, red heart elbow, tease crotch leg swing, lotus, jump, small fork, the top elbow, kite day, Wuhua mountain.

Third the action name

Double fold, Wuhua mountain frame, jump to hammer, wrench, double wind ears with grenades, tornado feet, pushing palm, palm, lifting and thrusting, strive for the impossible jump evil deeds, cross hands, tiger out of the hole, grazing hand double, turn the techniques, rockets, single shot knee double embrace, legs, legs, knock the Rockets do cross legs, white crane spreads its wings, lead away the sheep by the way, the fairy picked eggplant, binaural cross wind, anti elbow, foot, single color to push, and the face, elbow, tease crotch, swing leg, foot, dry lotus whirlwind kick leg, kite day, vertical jump down hand, to hammer, after the kick, dry packing, lunges seven, squat single door, cross foot, split heart hammer, sitting on a hill to frame.

Fourth the action name

Double fold, ground into the mud, head and heart, punching elbow, wrench, double wind ears, tiger big mouth, hands, inverted pendulum lotus, small recoil, hit step wrist hand, the core splitting hammer, ears to listen to the wind hook hammer, in situ Stubbs onions, two feet, legs, lotus swing Chun pin core splitting hammer, large span, cloud top gun, sea tiger jump streaky sitting rack.