Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang (Standing) is the body such as the wooden stand still, is an important part in the system of Shaolin Kung fu. Is a kind of basic training of Shaolin Kung fu.

The commonly used Zhan Zhuang method is: start with feet shoulder width, two knees slightly bent, arms, hold in the chest or abdomen before, hands ten refers to the relative distance of about ten cm.

Then is to adjust the body: the head is lower slightly adduction, two amp flat, the shoulders with high, two hip height……

Then adjust the spirit: look forward strategy of a low point, two ears after a positive strategy. Baihui wind up collar……

Then relax the body: from the top of the head began to check, one by one to relax the body, until the knees, ankles, feet planted firmly on the ground.

Repeated inspection, adjustment and experience are relaxed, rising to the feeling of being, at this time, should have reached the back brace, Mingmen across root retraction, hip like bell hanging……

Experience of “Xu Ling Ding Jin, shoulder cubits long, Hanxiong pull back, loose waist to hip…… Pine is, how calm the mind body……” Feeling, experience and gas heavy single field feeling, experience of preparing five arch body feeling etc..

At this time, relax, not loose, soft, but the body as a whole, in a “non pine pine, will not show exhibition” state.

Not only have static Qigong, also have the dynamic qigong.

Zhan Zhuang is not only to practice basic skills, but also an effective means of fitness

Zhan Zhuang (Hun Yuan Zhuang)

Feet shoulder width, Mo, aligning pranayama to regulate the body, relax the body, smooth breathing, and peace of mind.

Slightly bent like a squat like sit, hand pull hold the ball, the hands shoulder width, open, fingers, palm inward, slightly inward rotation of wrist

His external support, feet like a root. Shoulder cubits long, Hanxiong pull back. Hanging Baihui, straining the perineum.

Relax your shoulders hunched up, don’t. Low shoulder elbow about three fingers wide, but also with the shoulder height to pull.

Looking ahead, to a generation of all. The distracting thoughts, let it go.

To pay no heed, listen but not hear; refuse nobody, to leave.

Zhan Zhuang comfortable, not stiff, but action essentials to reel right and left, not. Keep the head, neck straight, symmetrical.