Ying Zhao Quan

Ying Zhao Quan Eagle Claw Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Ying Zhao Quan (Eagle Claw Fist)

Shaolin Eagle Claw boxing is a Shaolin kung fu pictographic boxing, formerly known as Talon Fanzi for Eagle Claw boxing or talon punch line, even the fist. In order to Wushu boxing turning on the basis of absorption, Yue’s Sanshou grappling with imitation, eagle claw grasping and eagle wings turn rotary motion, creating Talon Fanzi boxing, the boxer to claw hand, with palm and fist.

The main methods of grasping, play, pinch, take, turning, avalanche, hook, hug. When the avalanche hit requirements, hand grasping, grasping each other in a fight to the wrist, tendon gap, gap and other key bone connection point. Boxing proverb says: stained clothes vein, fenjincuogu, acupuncture breath. The eagle claw boxing adds Changquan empty swing, turn, jump, into the sitting plate turnover, buckle legs circling up the rotation greatly increased action, pictographic art this boxing.

Style Characteristics

Eagle Claw boxing is a boxing to absorb the eagle shaped Italy, and attack method is developed, is a pictographic boxing. And the Talon Fanzi Quan, Trachypenaeus Trachypenaeus even line of boxing and boxing is called. The fist is to imitate the eagle catch buckle and the wings of an eagle and double rotation movements. Its characteristics are: rich, grab claw method pinch, turn up and down, a fast, copying made boxing, xingshenjianbei. When the avalanche hit requirements, hand grasping, fenjincuogu, acupuncture breath, flexible turning, God shaped like a hawk. The whole routine move just sudden fierce, fast and dense; static, wit, robust, like eagle to rabbit, coupled with the “Eagle”, “Eagle predation” pictographic movement coordination, give a person with witty, decisive, bold, beautiful feeling.