Xing Yi Quan

Xin Yi Quan Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Xin Yi Quan

Xin Yi Quan, one of the Shaolin boxing. Shaolin Xin Yi boxing is a combat ancient tradition of a strong school boxing martial arts. Ten greatly true shape, its action is simple, simple and pure; Yin and Yang and the mutual aid, Neiwaijianxiu; cliffide flower, Xingshenjianbei; speed can play good, good care; combining static, mind connected; pay attention to head, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, hand, foot and into the stars. It is rare in the Chinese martial arts, the ages of boxing. Ten greatly true shape, drill, drill double beam landing, exhibition opening; Jintuiziru, moving to the reverse side, arbitrary; systemic enemy, the boxing. Practice to ideal state, can be crisscrossed, then shaped and shadow, eye not instantaneous, the so-called real move does not see the shape, click it and do not see the shadow.

Shaolin Xin Yi Quan movement is simple, the function is infinite, I pile, dynamic style boxing, rich connotation. No set of training and individual routines. The mind, an action is a, ten shaped, an action is a form of. Practice requirements; the body coordination, internal and external integration requirements, the upper and lower body, still there is no fixed, a stop without a stop, a free, non; requirements; “heart and parataxis, meaning and gas, gas and power together” in the requirements of the hands and feet, “; elbows and knees, shoulders and hips”. Every act and every move to be absorbed in concentration, then wrapped with strength, storage, power must have the fire burning spirit strength and explosive force. Figure six potential requirements; a body is six potential chicken, Long Yao, bear, eagle wings catch, tiger heads, thunder six potential unity. A body containing five Jin on, flutter, wrapped, beam, is a five jin. Recoil, long body falls. Hands free, force with down. Potential as fast as a tornado, foot step on the door will, force to just, fierce, ruthless, poison, fast, like just fierce, but inside the soft body movements, a high degree of coordination, power strong and flexible, rapid and flexible. The shape, inner mastery, smooth, strong body, blood, soft. Therefore. Practicing Xinyi boxing has very high practical value in fitness and martial arts.