Xiang Xing Quan

Xiang Xing Quan Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Xiang Xing Quan

Xiang Xing Quan is long and Morphology Simulation of various animal, and boxing character image and the image of life. Combined with the characteristics of Wushu boxing action imitation of animal or human.

Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan is one of Shaolin Kung fu boxing, unlike other pictographic boxing is boxing, Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan each deep like the secret, attacking and defending, be the most changeful. The best defence is offence. The cute monkey boxing, lithe and come and go freely, to strike first to gain the initiative by momentum, snake boxing to alert and attack its key, tiger boxing and overbearing, leopard boxing violent simultaneously, another Eagle boxing, boxing, mantis, Gou Quan chicken and so on, are vivid, remarkably like the true and calling in the world.

Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan most is fastidious is to reach the acme of perfection, the so-called trance, that is no realm to meditation, like Long Weilong, like a crane for crane, to attack a profound experience as the material existence desire, only in this way can attack victory, code to g.The so-called evolution, namely, pay attention to the external shape, to the shape and spirit, like a snake like a snake, like dogs, such as dog, in a move to draw everything to enhance their adverse circumstances, ability to adapt in the face, is the special requirements of the reach the acme of perfection, the Shaolin Xiang Xing Quan is the martial arts colleagues “non Zen home cannot up to this realm” of praise