Vegetarian Has Its Own Taste

September 18, 2012

Vegetarian Taste

The five taste, Buddhism from improving the health level of people’s point of view put forward valuable opinion, worthy of our reference. There is a film called “Moke Zhiguan Fu Xing” Buddhist scriptures say: moderate acidity, beneficial to the liver, it will damage the spleen, the spleen can not eat acid; appropriate pungent, on spleen beneficial, but it will damage the liver, so liver disease can not eat Xin; moderate bitterness, good for the heart, but loss of lung disease, so can not endure hardship; appropriate salty, on kidney beneficial, but it will damage the heart, so heart disease can not eat salty; appropriate sweeteners, on spleen beneficial, but it will damage the kidneys, so do not eat the sweet nephropathy.

That said, diversification, the Buddhist vegetarian diet and do not speak the diet do not eat with gusto. A vegetarian diet, including the following five:

1. bread, cereals and potatoes, as the diet of three points. This kind of food rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, are a good source of carbohydrate. If possible, try to choose the high fiber food, but should drink plenty of water, and in such food as far as possible not to external fat.

2. Fruits and vegetables, including a variety of fresh, canned, dried and fruit juice, but also for the diet of 1/3, and to select multiple varieties, daily not less than five. Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber, dark green vegetables more than iron, the citrus plant vitamin C can help the absorption of iron.

3. Milk and milk products, rich in protein and calcium in the food, adequate intake.

4. Beans and nuts, such food rich in protein and vitamins, adequate intake.

5. ith fat and sugar food, including sweets, cookies are fried food, such food little uptake.

From the study of the Buddhist diet recipes can be found, these five kinds of food are the basic food varieties. In Buddhist culture, also did a lot of vegetarian gourmet, Buddhist vegetarian has become a huge system.