Short Term Form Training Class

We have a great dream in which we hopes Shaolin Kung Fu can be spread throughout the world.

You can choose the study contents and living standard by yourself. also you can choose to stay for few days, several months or even 1 year.

Upon completion of the course, a Graduation Certificate of Shaolin Martial Arts will be issued for you by Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy China.

Training Content

You can choose any forms (or styles) you wish to study on our Kung Fu Styles page. We guarantee it will be orthodox training. You can decide your own training time. A trainee who already has basic skills can learn a form in a shorter time period. We can offer extra classes to speed up the learning process to make sure you can finish forms that you choose.Also the training contents can be adjusted to your personal goals, style focus and body condition.

Charging Fees

For students who want to study for a short time (less than one month) we charge by day. The fees include all training classes, the use of training equipment, free WIFI, full room(Hotel style private single room) and board with 3 meals a day.

Duration of Stay Cost Per Day Total Cost
1 Week $75 $525
2 Weeks $75 $1,050
3 Weeks $43 $1,270

Also you can come to attend Shaolin Short-term Form Training Class for several months (for example 1 months, 3 months or 5 months etc.) and we charged per month.

Duration of Stay Cost Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $1,270 $1,270
3 Months $1,250 $3,750
6 Months $1,230 $7,380

Notes: Due to different cultures and habits in different countries, we don’t assign roommates to students. If you are coming and studying alone, you need to choose a private single room; if you are two people (or a group), you can choose a shared double room (with 2 separate beds) with cheaper costs.

Apply & Reservation

The number of  summer camps are limited, students who reserve first will be admitted first (subject to the time when the reservation deposit is received). Please make sure to submit Application Form and make the reservation in time so your stay at Shaolin Academy is secured.

Notes: There is non-refundable for any fees paid, you can come to attend at any time within 1 year.