One Year Shaolin Traditional Wushu Class

We have a great dream in which we hopes Shaolin Kung Fu can be spread throughout the world. To this end, we has decided to pass on our knowledge to deserving Shaolin Wushu inheritors with good character. At the same time, we hopes to offer a founding platform for those who dream of the study of true martial arts.

In answer to the requirements and proposals of many foreigners who are interested in studying martial arts, we have developed a course specifically to train and prepare traditional martial arts coaches and instructors. The course will be one year and taught by our masters. At the completion of the course it is expected that students will have mastered all traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

After Graduation

  1. Upon completion of the course, a Graduation Certificate of Shaolin Wushu will be issued for you by Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy China.
  2. At the same time, with good moral character and high standards of Kung Fu students can apply to become coach of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy, helping to develop and spread Shaolin Martial Arts with our academy.
  3. For students who want to open a training center after graduation, our academy can send coaches to offer technical guidance and support.

Charging Fees

The fees includes all training classes, the use of training equipment, free WIFI, full room (Hotel-style Private Single Room) and board with 3 meals a day and optional classes.

Duration of Stay Total Cost
1 Year $13,800

Notes: Due to different cultures and habits in different countries, we don’t assign roommates to students. If you are coming and studying alone, you need to choose a private single room; if you are two people (or a group), you can choose a shared double room (with 2 separate beds) with cheaper costs.

Training Plan

In order to give you a general idea of what you can learn during 1 year period, we provide you a rough training arrange. This arrangement will be adjusted individually to personal body condition, preference and improvements. For example, if you like one type of weapon in particular you can learn more forms of that weapon during your stay here.

Time Training Forms
1st Month – Basic Skills (Hand, Leg and Zhan Zhuang etc.), Wu Bu Quan,
2nd Month – Di Tang Fist, Shaolin Sword
3rd Month – Monkey Form, Tong Bei Fist, Tan Tui
4th Month – Tai Zu Long Fist, 24 Step Tai Chi
5th Month – Pao Quan, Xing Yi Fist,
6th Month – Xiao Hong Fist, Damo Sword
7th Month – Xing Zhao Quan, LuoHan Fist
8th Month – Jin Gang Fist, Tiger Form
9th Month – Po Knife, Liu He Quan
10th Month – Shaolin 13 Spear, Sanda
11th Month – Sanda, Shaolin Tong Bi Fist
12th Month – Shaolin MeiHua Knife, Taekwondo

Apply & Reservation

The number of  summer camps are limited, students who reserve first will be admitted first (subject to the time when the reservation deposit is received). Please make sure to submit Application Form and make the reservation in time so your stay at Shaolin Academy is secured.

Notes: There is non-refundable for any fees paid, you can come to attend at any time within 1 year.