Shaolin Actual Combat Class

You can come to start Shaolin Actual Combat Class at any time, also you can attend for several weeks or months

Training Content

  • Sanda (or Free Combat)
  • Boxing 
  • Taekwondo
  • Free Sparring

Shaolin traditional Kung Fu also has the actual combat the effect is very good, but to participate in competitive fighting game, also need to carry out targeted training, our school according to the actual situation of each student, formulates the reasonable training plan of science. Actual combat exercises of the students in our academy, also can be chosen to take part in various competitions.

Charging Fees

The fees includes all training classes, the use of training equipment, free WIFI, full room (Hotel-style Private Single Room) and board with 3 meals a day and optional classes.

Duration of StayCost Per MonthTotal Cost
1 Month$1,270$1,270
3 Months$1,250$3,750
6 Months$1,230$7,380
1 Year$1,000$12,000

Notes: Due to different cultures and habits in different countries, we don’t assign roommates to students. If you are coming and studying alone, you need to choose a private single room; if you are two people (or a group), you can choose a shared double room (with 2 separate beds) with cheaper costs.

Apply & Reservation

The number of  summer camps are limited, students who reserve first will be admitted first (subject to the time when the reservation deposit is received). Please make sure to submit Application Form and make the reservation in time so your stay at Shaolin Academy is secured.

Notes: There is non-refundable for any fees paid, you can come to attend at any time within 1 year.