Kung Fu Masters

All of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy teachers are experienced Kung fu Masters who specialize in different Chinese martial arts styles. The number of Masters we have at our Kung fu academy is adjusted based on the number of students enrolled at any given time. No matter what path you take on your kung fu training journey, we guaranteed that our academy only offers highly skilled and professional Shaolin Kung Fu Masters to teach you during your stay.

Grandmaster Liu Bao Shan

Master Liu Bao Shan (1931 – 2021), the 9th degree of Chinese Martial Arts (the highest degree), founder of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy, one of the ‘Top Ten Old Boxers in Dengfeng City’. Master Liu Bao Shan used to be the martial arts head coach of Shaolin Temple, Vice Chairman of Henan Wushu Association, Honorary Coach of Peking University Qigong Association, Chairman of Chinese Buddhist Kung Fu Association and other important positions in martial arts circles.

Master Liu Bao Shan has a deep relationship with the original Shaolin Temple, three of his ancestors once served as abbots of Shaolin Temple, and Shaolin Kung Fu was introduced to the his family. His grandfather used to be the head master of monks in Shaolin Temple. His father studied Shaolin Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple since his father was a child. Master Liu Bao Shan started to learn Shaolin Kung Fu from his grandfather and father since he was 5 years old, he has been taught and instructed by many martial arts masters. After decades of training, Master Liu Bao Shan has developed a stunt and is proficient in more than 40 types of martial arts forms and eighteen weapons. He is especially proficient in ‘Liuhe Fistl, ‘Seven Star Fist’, ‘Chang Hu Xin Yi Fist’, ‘Spring and Autumn Broadsword’, ‘Liuhe Spear’ etc. He is also good at Shaolin skills such as Acupuncture, Capture and Qi Gong etc.

Since 1997, Master Liu Bao Shan has written ‘Tutorial of Traditional Shaolin Wushu Forms’, ‘Three functions of practicing martial arts – Fitness, Self-defense and Self-cultivation’, ‘The Source of Chinese Martial Arts’, ‘Tutorial of Traditional Shaolin Fist Forms’ and other academic papers. These academic papers have had a huge impact and shock in the martial arts circles at home and abroad.

Head Master Liu Hai Ke

Master Liu Hai Ke, the head master of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy, the 8th degree of Chinese martial arts, National Senior Coach, National Grade One Wushu Referee, Head Coach of National Sanda Team.

Master Liu Hai Ke was born in 1965. He learned Shaolin Kung Fu from his father when he was a child. He is good at traditional Kung Fu routines (or Taolu), Sanda and Tuina. For many years, Master Liu Hai Ke has been working in the front line of teaching martial arts. He led school members to participate in more than 600 major martial arts competitions at home and abroad, and won a total of 6,220 medals, including 3052 gold medals. He won an Olympic champion and 262 world and international champions. Person-times: 344 national championships, 33 team championships in large-scale national martial arts competitions.

Master Liu Hai Ke always attaches great importance to the research of martial arts theory, and has written many martial arts papers such as ‘On the Dialectical Relationship between Sanda and Fighting’, ‘On Strict Management’, ‘Tutorial of Traditional Shaolin Boxing Routines (or Taolu)’, etc., which have had a huge impact on the domestic and foreign martial arts circles.

Master Shen Jia

Master Shen Jia was born in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, the hometown of Chinese martial arts. He learned Shaolin Kung Fu since childhood and is good at traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Forms, Sanda, Tai Chi and Shaolin weapons etc.

Master Shen Jia has been a coach at Shaolin Wushu International Training Center for many years, He optimized the traditional Chinese martial arts teaching method to make it easier for foreign students to accept, and is well received by international students. In the past years he taught more than 3,000 foreign students.

Master Shen Jia represented the Henan team in ‘The first World Shaolin Boxing Competition’ in 2004, and won the champion in Shaolin Fist and Shaolin Straightsword.

Master Hu Ji Cong

Master Hu Ji Cong has practiced martial arts since he was a child and entered the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy in 2000. He entered the junior class of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy in 2004. Master Hu is good at traditional Shaolin Fist, Shaolin Weapon, Shaolin Straightsword, Xing Yi Fist, South Fist, Ba Gua, Qi Gong and Sanda etc.
In 2006, due to Master Hu’s outstanding achievements, Master Hu was selected as a foreign coach of Shaolin Wushu International Training Center. Master teaches conscientiously and enthusiastically and he was praised as a “magic coach” by foreign students.

In 2001 Master Hu Ji Cong won the first place in Shaolin Fist.

In 2003, he taught for half a year in Turkey.

In 2004 Master Hu Ji Cong won the first place in the 1st Shaolin Fist Championship.