The First European Shaolin Culture Festival in Vienna

September 12, 2012

The long-awaited first European Shaolin Culture Festival in September 11th into the Vienna, more than the Shaolin monks have teamed up to the local martial arts fans offer a spectacular performance, causing the audience bursts of amazing and warm applause.

Hard Qigong, diversified skills, Shaolin Shaolin staff, eighteen bronze matrix…… Shaolin monks show the essence of the Chinese martial arts to the Vienna audience. When the Shaolin monks performing hard Qigong, the scene becomes in perfect silence, only to hear a loud, a root steel by Shaolin monks “iron head” top off, the scene immediately boiling, thunderous applause prolonged, many of the audience exclaimed: “incredible!”

Monks also in order to show the form of presentations to the audience the Shaolin Kungfu moves, characteristics and culture of Shaolin Temple and hidden in the martial arts in Chinese philosophy, the broad and profound Chinese Wushu culture to the audience.

The event attracted a large number of interested in Shaolin Kungfu and Chinese culture to foreign friends. Ms. Edit to watch the performance of Xinhua News Agency reporters, acting is wonderful! Used in TV Shaolin Kungfu, can the scene was really pleased to see now.

‘This is my third time to see the Shaolin Temple performances, each is very exciting,” with one family to see the performance of Mr. Weller told reporters, “Chinese culture is very special, I am very interested. Although it is very difficult, although I have not been to China, but the Shaolin culture let me further understanding of Chinese culture.’

The day of the Shaolin Kungfu Show is a part of the festival, the next few days will be in Vienna held a series of activities.

The first European Shaolin Culture Festival is held in the German capital Berlin and Austria capital Vienna two city. Cultural Festival opened in Berlin Chinese culture center 7, the cultural festival held during the whole of Europe Shaolin disciple to test power exchange, “Millennium Shaolin, hundred years image” photography exhibition, prayer meeting and Shaolin Kungfu shows a series of activities.