The Buddhist Precepts Five Pungent

January 30, 2013

Buddhist Precepts Five Pungent

Eat pure natural food, or vegetarian, no meat, no egg, no alcohol, even without bulb etc.. This is a fast, Buddhist vegetarian discipline in Wuxin ring.

In Theravada law, only mentioned with garlic to treat it. The cake wrapped in garlic food, if the drug can not be other treatment, only take garlic Caixing, can take. If the coated sores do not make, non fresh garlic can not be cured, the precepts are allowed. But eating garlic, in order not to affect everyone, and the provisions of law, seven insomnia monk mattress, monk side, into the bathroom, the greenhouse, the lecture room, food house, and even claim step SA (the congregation, repentance Buddhist ceremony), all the activities are not allowed to join. In a group, if we do not eat garlic, do not have any special feeling, if only one or two people eat, that is issued by the fresh garlic after mouth odor, can affect others. So, eat a garlic will be seven days of isolation with the monks, and his body odor out, take a shower after living together, to return to the monks.

To study Buddhism, quit five pungent requirements. Five pungent is garlic, onion (onion, leek, garlic is), onion (generally the mustard, Buddhist scriptures called “Xing Qu”). The Buddhist monks, nuns, monks, fork Rama (learn precepts female), monk, Shamini, as well as in the home study and lay all the Buddhist disciples, can’t eat meat meat food, as well as the onion, leek, garlic, Xing Qu five pungent vegetable, otherwise, it is a sin.