Tan Tui

Tan Tui Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Tan Tui (Tan Legs)

Tan Tui, one of Shaolin Kung fu boxing. Chinese martial arts have a “secret rivals”, “North leg” depth as the representative.

Tan Tui is a good legs, ‘s simplicity, as complete, vigorous, lively rhythm, consistent, full of spirit, action and lean, coordination; device and changeable, and offensive and defensive depth, strong explosive force. Step type lunges, horse, means many boxing, “leg kick, push, multi end. The street fighting upper and lower synchronization attack, make them impossible to guard against. The footwall Zhao hair about three inches above the knee leg not moves fast, small, no danger of attack by G. The hanging wall to split up the most advance tactics, strength, ‘. There are ten road, twelve routine Street Road Street, six street, eighteen road trip at fist, flowers, boxing, short play,. Equipment, Liuhe spring and autumn knife gun etc..

Tan Tui in the exercise stress low disk potential, supporting force and motion force on the shoulder, waist, legs and other parts of the requirements are very high, especially for lower required to sound strong, therefore, pays great attention the qigong exercises. The pile method with single whip pile, pile, pile Hill three, Fulong pile, pile, the pile, Hu on pile, double tuck pile, pile, pile, seven of ten kinds, with fixed shelf stable potential, training, training skills, practice Qi breath.