TaiZu Chang Quan

Tai Zu Chang Quan Long Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Zu Chang Quan (Long Fist)

Taizu Chang Quan (Tai Zu Long Fist), one of boxing, Shaolin kung fu legend, Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin rely on the technology lay the song world, the fist on generations, Li Ming Taizu boxing door, said.

Shaolin Taizu Chang Quan type is big and bright, with particular attention to the full discipline closely and show, drill up heroic bold, beautiful and not lose its mighty surging momentum, as one of the six famous Chinese martial arts “”.

Taizu boxing style unique, pure rigorous attainments, routines, and slow movements, movements flexible footwork, bright, not a thing of the past, cliffide flower, actual and walk around, punch line, short, powerful explosive force.

Taizu boxing stresses combat, defense and offense, as the wind, blow like electricity, before hand, hand catch, two swap gas. The strength to play in supporting, Elam, chop, card, Liao, avalanche, plug. The boxing proverb: “prison body like cat, shake the body such as the tiger, for like a swimming dragon, move like lightning”. The main technique: pick, chop, block, sealed, closed, winding, sweep, kick, elastic, Liao, hook, hit, stumbling, wrapped. Fight, strive for bile, two, three, five, four power, six, seven, eight of rape. In front of, to “the potential to observe the fine watch, every weak straight into the door, strong obstacle front around the step hammer”. Step is connected, on a quest, in the gap that attack, see the empty come. The moves, namely anti war, virtual contain real, real contain false, in changing, borrow the enemy force to the body.

Practicing Taizu boxing, must practice the basic skills are solid. The basic work is “three”, “five”. “Type three” for the head, hand, step, “five power” for the arms, legs, waist, pile, gas. Various types of each work, both independent methods and theories, but also interactions, mutual restraint. To benefit from its secret, fist.