Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan Tai Chi Fist

Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Fist)

Tai Ji Quan is a combination of thinking and martial arts, art, guide the operation of traditional Chinese medicine theory, perfect Chinese dialectical, she to the traditional Chinese Confucianism, Taoism, yin and Yang Tai Chi in the dialectical concept as the core idea, the functions of maintenance, physical fitness, fighting against a variety of a body, is the high level of human culture. As a form of exercise tolerance with oriental philosophy, its practitioners in Italy, gas, shape, God’s exercise, very accord with human body physiological and psychological requirements, the harmonious coexistence of human individual mental and physical health and human groups, plays a very important role in promoting. Taijiquan in such sports as main manifestation and carrier of intangible cultural form, fully embodies the human nature to the objective cognition and scientific practice.

Tai Chi is one of Chinese ancient philosophy thought the most representative characteristics and, The concept of TaijiQuan based on the command of yin-yang, the body with the mind, the mental relaxation, by means of gas, gas rush to repeatedly practice shape, into the hands of a Tai Chi, Tai Chi operation of zero state, to achieve self-cultivation, edify sentiment, physical fitness, Yishou Yannian purpose.

Taijiquan reserved, without stop, killing with kindness, emergency and freely flowing style of writing, Chinese boxing style that practitioners, gas, God shaped, tends to be one of the highest realm of harmony, and the moral requirement also allows practitioners at the same time enhance physical fitness to improve their own quality, promote people and nature, people and society harmony and harmonious.