Standing Qi Gong

Shaolin Standing Qi Gong

Shaolin Qi Gong - Standing Qi Gong

Standing Qi Gong, one style of the Shaolin Kung fu Qi Gong.

Shaolin standing Qi Gong to stop, trunk, limbs to maintain a certain position, make whole body or parts of the tightness of the motion state of static is continuous, and health care, prevention and treatment of diseases of static Qi Gong exercises. Jam Jong functional recovery and improve strength, suitable for all kinds of physical condition, but also the treatment of hypertension, peptic ulcer disease, neurasthenia, menstrual disease.

Standing Qi Gong pose many, basic type, a type, type, type, high in the low type etc.. Basic type can be divided into two basic type and the single basic type. The basic type is double feet to the average position. The single basic type is two to 85 degrees, an oblique staggered, foot to foot to light, heavy. The rest is standing Qi Gong in the body of the light support force posture, body height ratio is about low half. The trainer according to their body support degree, optional light rested type, double rotary rest type, single hand rest type, stick type waist rest. High potential power is very basic, body height than the rest and half fist around. It can be divided into vertical support type, press type, lifting type, encircling type etc.. The median type body height and the ratio of high reduced two boxing own height around. Low type than in the potential and reduce three. Their height, it is standing Qi Gong the lowest, style body support a maximum amount of training. Low type can be divided into the horse, tiger type.