Yi Jin Jing

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing

Shaolin Qi Gong - Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing legend Tianzhu monk Damour to preach the Scriptures, alone came to the East, all the way through the Song Yang, behind the trace in the Shaolin Temple. Damour profound strength, in the Shaolin Temple wall meditation for nine years, so that the walls are left his figure. Damour understand, leaving two volumes by a secret, to “wash the pulp”, two is “Yi Jin Jing”. “Wash the pulp” for the repair of the code, to two Zhengzhou, did not pass in the world. “Yi Jin Jing” to the book, left in the Shaolin, ‘spread so far.

“Easy” is flexible, change, change out of Italy, “ribs” refers to the bones and muscles, fascia, “after” is a guide, code. “Yi Jin Jing” is to change the bones, internal systemic main and collateral channels opened by practicing Nishida Make. According to the original work, must first practice about half the internal: reached inside the Zhuang, luck is not required to practice any Pai Da Gong can naturally produce a brick stone split internal power, such as with the “Yi Jin Jing” martial art and practice to carry all before one’s magic power.

Yi Jin Jing external focus on external Zhuang, “Yi Jin Ying” by the pointed out: “where external strong Kung Fu, to be quiet for the East, dhyana concentration, the whole body without hard work, just making the gas through his hands, if a force is not consistent with. Each row in Shusishijiu, silent words, the line type, no phase discontinuity. For the first type of conscious mind rule are cooked, Party second. Half speed, later in January, all kinds of club ripe, its force self to cross on the top of the head. The refined force gas, run Yi Jin Jing method.”

Yi Jin Jing is the Buddhist regimen, Yi Jin Jing make the person’s spirit, body and breath are effectively combined, through step by step, persevere to exercise, so that the viscera, meridians, eight extra channels and twelve channels of the whole body full of conditioning, so as to health care, disease prevention and cure, against premature aging, prolong life.