Po Knife

Shaolin Weapon Po Knife

Po Knife (Pu Dao) is a sword, is a wood handle is provided with a long and wide blade weapon. When in use, two hands hold the handle, like using machetes, use the blade and blade weight itself, to cuts down the enemy.

Shaolin Po Knife is about two meters to five meters, the edge than the sword long, about half the total length, can be split, spine, cut, many tricks. Wushu proverb says: “single hand, double knife look away, look hands po knige.” Drill tool such as tiger PuDao, blade, blade is clear, in any way, have to live to the hand. Because the po knife is widely used, is make a living away from home people commonly used weapons.

The length of terms, not long weapon, and belongs to a class of short weapon. Broadsword of approximately 60-150cm in length, the length of the blade in between 45-70cm. Look from the appearance, and machetes, no two, but compared to the blade and sword, (i.e. body part) accounted for the proportion of relatively large, this is the most obvious place different from the broadsword broadsword. Because it is both hands on the use, so there are “hands” said.

Po knife strengthening a comparison on offense and defense, respectively in five and six, which makes it play can not make in the small map confrontation. However, in a large map, a strengthened broadsword has powerful attack and defense force, is the nightmare of the enemy.