Liu He Stick

Shaolin Weapon Liuhe Stick

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon - Liu He Stick (Gun)

Shaolin Stick to practice is also called Shaolin Liu He cudgel one stick of Shaolin kung fu.

Shaolin Liuhe cudgel is Shaolin stick land stick fighting, a total of six road, Shaolin Temple Liuhe door training devices for routine, is the essence of Shaolin wushu. Because the main stress in three: heart and parataxis, meaning and gas, gas and power together, outer three: hands and feet, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, internal and external consistency, consistency by Liuhe; six in his unique combination, it is called “Liuhe”. This routine is two people in order to combat based attack on. Its characteristics are: really hit combat, fight hand to hand with, stick method was simple, fast, straight from a winning.
Shaolin Liu He Stick has been Shaolin Temple close not rumored earthquake Temple treasure, after successive martial monks and constantly revised and perfected, its his exquisite, has reached the realm of perfection in one’s studies.