Liu He Spear

Shaolin Weapon LiuHe Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon - Liu He Spear (LiuHe Qiang)

Liuhe Spear, also known as the Spear practice of Shaolin,one of Shaolin Kung fu spear

Shaolin Liuhe spear is a practical marksmanship collection, composed of six spear trick combination, named “Liuhe spear”.

This routine is two people in order to combat based on real thorn exercises. Its characteristics are: real combat, marksmanship, fight hand to hand with simple, fast, straight from a winning. Pay attention to “long weapon with short, both technical intelligence, flexible”. The famous Yang Jiaqiang, Luo Jia gun and by the gun is from Shaolin Liuhe marksmanship to learn the essence and famous in the world.

Shaolin Liuhe spear have been Shaolin Temple close not rumored earthquake Temple treasure, after successive martial monks and constantly revised and improved, the marksmanship exquisite has reached the state of perfection in one’s studies.