Shaolin 13 Spear

Shaolin Weapon 13 Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon - Shaolin 13 Spear

Shaolin 13 Spear is in Shaolin weapons spear. Because there are thirteen kinds of spear in the routine, named for the thirteen gun. Thrust, pick, split, with repeated use. The thirteen gun is also a warrior in actual combat weapon. Have a history of Yue Fei small spear pick Liangwang heroic deeds. Common action is stopped, Nazha, lance, cloud spear, a spear, point a spear.

Shaolin 13 Spear is one of the lance, the Shaolin martial arts, its structural integrity, framework is unique, the spear action has thirteen type, named the thirteen spear. The spear in the martial arts equipment in long weapon, in the ancient weapon known as the “king of a hundred soldiers”. The spear is a kind of instrument is difficult to practice the weapon, especially in training into the Wonderland is extremely difficult. Punch cloud “year month knife, stick, a thousand days spear “, illustrates the practice gun difficulty, Shaolin thirteen spear routines are mainly marksmanship stopped, take, tie, splitting collapse, hanging, pick, wear, frame, dance flower.