Yong Tai Temple

Yong Tai Temple (永泰寺)

Yong Tai Temple (永泰寺) is located in the northwest of Henan province Dengfeng city about 11 kilometers of Taishi mountain in Shanxi, sit East West, facing the Shaolin Temple, back on the momentum of the Wangdu peak north near the beautiful scene of Zi Jinfeng, South Shaolin reservoir known cliff Wanhe Shaolin mountain and the rippling.

Yong Tai temple is the Buddhist into the Central Plains after the construction of the first female monk temple, or China’s existing built during the earliest nuns temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, single level thirteen dense canopy corbel Zhuanta, the plane was a square, the tower is 5.05 meters long, 37.6 meters high tower. The door arch shaped, south. The height of each layer from the bottom to the top of tower, tower eaves uniform decline gradually adduction, the outline of the parabola shape beautiful. The tower room inside the square, a hollow cylinder shape. Tasha by lotus and wheel, has been disabled. Southwest tower 50 meters there is Jin Daan the first year (1029) of square double tower built, 3 meters high, the tower has been destroyed. Tower North about 150 meters, Ming Chongzhen eleven years (1638) built brick Lama tower 1, about 6.18 meters high. 

Yong Tai Temple is located in the South West Tower, built in the North zhengguangwei Xiao Ming Timor two years (512 years), after repeated construction. The current of the Qing Dynasty architecture, construction area of 989 square meters.