Tallinn (少林塔林)

Tallinn is located in the west of the Shaolin Temple about 300 meters at the foot of the hill, here is the ancient Shaolin monk rest cemetery. In many types, sizes vary, different height, irregular, in various forms, are scattered, seemingly Maolin, called Tallinn.

Shaolin Tallinn Tang, song, Jin, yuan, Ming, Qing and modern masonry pagoda more than 240 seats, covers an area of about 21000 square meters, is China’s largest remaining in Tallinn.

Guta for the construction of different age and different architectural styles, they are elegant, exquisite stone carving art, the epitaph mostly related to the ancient Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and Shaolin Kung fu. Shaolin Temple in Tallinn was the world’s largest world record association of Guta construction group, Guta Construction Group in the world.