Shaoshi Towers

Shaoshi Towers (少室阙)

Shaoshi Towers (少室阙), located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, south of Songshan Xing Jia Pu Cun Xi, six kilometers from the city of Shaoshi mountain, was built about Han yuan 5 years to Yin light two years (118 ~ 123 years), is the Han Dynasty Shaoshi mountain Shinto Towers.

Shaoshi Towers and preserved in two, structure of Towers is basically the same, two Towers in the South and the north, mutual confrontation, East West Towers Towers 3.37 meters high, 3.75 meters high, 6.75 meters away from the two Towers. Towers is composed of two parts are Towers and Towers. Is Towers with rectangular stones Leiqi, top with a stone carved into a type four, 3.96 meters high, 1.82 meters wide; Deputy Towers symbolizes the walls, so is Towers lower than 1.31 meters, the top half of a top four. North Towers carved seal characters “Shaoshi Shinto Towers” topic volume, South Towers script inscriptions are mostly spalling, well not identification.

By amlodipine engraving carved with Towers wall around the times of decorative painting, a total of more than 60 amplitude, main content of these paintings include traveling travel, circus, elephant, the moon and the animal patterns, the circus map carving has two horses, horse flying, a pull double Yaji girl before a horse saddle, wearing tights, inverted on a horse, a horse after a woman stretch sleeves flapping in the wind, the natural body tilt, these techniques fully show the horse gallop circumstances and circus breathtaking skill. The Han Dynasty sculptures is exaggerated, the style is elegant and natural, these paintings represent the Han Dynasty carving art of.