Shaolin History

The History of Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple, also known as the monk temple, “Zen Zu Ting temple, the best in all the land” of reputation, is Chinese Buddhism Chan Zongzu Ting, the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, 13 kilometers northwest of the mountain south of Songshan, is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, traffic developed, and across the capital Luoyang hills. Back on the five peak, around the mountains, peaks, well-proportioned connected, forming a natural barrier of Shaolin Temple. Songshan East Mountain, West Shaoshi mountain, each have thirty-six peaks, the peaks of famous. At the foot of the jungle Shaoshi temple, named Shaolin Temple.

Since the Shaolin Temple temple, experienced a tortuous history of waste number number of xing.

In 574 years (three years in Jiande) Wu ban Buddha, temples were destroyed. The elephant years reconstruction, renamed Zhi Hu Si, Zhao Huiyuan, Hong Zun 120 people live there, “Bodhisattva gana”. Sui Hing Buddhism, Firman complex of Shaolin, give Napa Valley Wu Liang Tian Bai Qing, become the northern temple. Early Qin Li Shimin destroy the Wang Shichong separatist forces, had the monks of Shaolin monks and aid, with fame spreading far and wide. Gaozong and Wu Zetian also often visit the temple, Fengshang generous. Tang Huichang, Wu Zong no Buddha, temple half destroyed, until the late Tang and Five Dynasties, the temple gradually declined. The Song Dynasty was restored.

1312 (the first year of Yuan Qing emperor Shizu life), Fu Yu monk abbot of Shaolin, one for the dasikong Khai instrument with three division, Songshan command all the temples. A foreign monks gathered, Yanwu Buddha, monks often around 2000 people.

The peasant uprising at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the Red Army to Shaolin monks, scattered escape. The Ming Dynasty has eight emperor son to the temple monks, repeatedly Zhao Songshan Shaolin Temple landscape (16) to overhaul, the scale of the temple has the development.

Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qian Long in Qing Dynasty emperors are also concerned about the Shaolin Temple, or the pro book a cruise, or temple.

In 1928 the warlords, warlords, however, burned the Shaolin Temple, the king hall, main hall, hall and clock tower and other major construction a torch all destroyed; many precious canon, Si Chi, boxing and other burning into ashes. The existing Shanmen, sitting room, Damour booth, white house, possession of temple, Buddha Temple, Tallinn, Chuzu um, um Zu 2, ten Buddhist temple, Damour. The thousand Buddha Hall there are 500 Ming Dynasty ocean towards the Pilu murals,

Next to the temple was built in 791 years (Tang Zhen Yuan for seven years) in Tallinn more than 220 seats, Tang Faru tower, light tower, tower, the five generation method of edge mr.tower etc.. Since the Tang Dynasty stone stele are preserved inside, such as ‘Tang Taizong’, ‘thanks to Shaolin teach Bei Wu Zetian poem monument’, ‘altar’, ‘Shaolin Temple’ stele inscription, ‘Ling Yun Jackson tower’, ‘Yu Gong monk inscriptions stele’, ‘interest’ and an Jackson Daoxing monument built ‘in Japanese monk Mune Michichen monument’ etc..

After 1982, the country for the convenience of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges on the Shaolin Temple for the large-scale reconstruction, has been formed to Shanmen, king hall, main hall, cangjing Ge, the abbot room, standing in the snow Ting, the Western sage temple as the theme of the Songshan Shaolin temple buildings, the Millennium Temple shine with new luster.

According to legend, the family moved to the middle reaches of the Yellow Emperor in ancient times from the northwest, the Songshan had long lived in the water near the Iraqi Lo River. Boyi is a move in which tribal leaders to worship is characterized by mountains , known as Si Yue. According to legend, the Yellow Emperor on top of Songshan, a large co spirits, clearance angle for music. Yin and Zhou, the worship there Shen Songshan Lu countries, namely the descendants of Si Yue Qi, Lu, Shen, surname Jiang Xu four countries. ‘Book of Songs Sung Daya high’ goes: .’. Siong high Weiyue, junji in the day Weiyue seance, Health and Shen Wei Shen Fu and Fu, Han dimensional weeks.” Click ” APPLY ‘ ‘just ” that the applicant’s, Lu. According to ‘Historical Zhou Ji’ and ‘Yizhoushu as Luo chapter,’ it reads: King Wu of the early Shang, had planned to build cities in Iraq, Luo, nearly ‘day room’, given Paul destiny. ‘Day room’ The ancients believed that people can communicate with the gods Songshan too much room. Later, Duke built near Songshan Luo Yi, Zhou as the dominant center, after the demise of the Western Zhou, Luo Yi became the capital of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Yes, the Songshan Zhongnanshan as Guanzhong, is people’s minds mountain.

Qin and Han dynasties, Songshan in中岳大帝prototype evolved, and continue to trend personified, although its special position in the religious make in the first Five Sacred Mountains of Zong, but is still one of the Five Sacred Mountains National Ceremony. It is known to history, the emperor believe in gods, who stand in the Songshan mountain worship God wait.

Songshan world known shrines everywhere. According to ‘Gao Song,’ recorded in the Han Dynasty was the ‘holy encounter peak’ will jiuyi fairy, in the ‘will Sianfong’ will be eight holes Sanxian. According to the ‘Shaolin’ carries, swim in Phoenix Feng Tang Emperor Qianlong Emperor opened Teng Song Okimichi. Song Yue’s ‘Gui house’, ‘crane concept’, ‘Xianyou door’, ‘find the true door’, ‘Sung Fu Palace’ have left Immortals. According to the ‘Song said,’ said Wang Xu Warring States period there, Xiao Yue Guiguzi, herbs Yunmengshan childhood into enlightenment, Hefatongyan, looks strange Korea, Jiumu Songshan attractions, is pleased to go, after the land preaching. Observatory is located in the northeast of the cave Guiguzi lived after called ‘Gui house.’