Er Zu Um

Er Zu Um (二祖庵)

Er Zu Um (二祖庵), located in Shaoshi mountain peak is the highest alms bowl, Shaolin area building. Because of an its North Chuzu um relatively, so the local people called ‘South temple’. According to legend, Zen second two Zhengzhou Li Xue Brokeback to the alms bowl peak injured after practice, monks to commemorate the second two Zhengzhou built this temple. Um create can be dated and Chuzu um at the same time, as the late Northern Song dynasty. Here, the environment quiet, pleasant scenery, there are wells eye four angle front courtyard, ‘the water is cold, to close, water taste each person’, ‘bitter, spicy, sour, sweet four hole’, legend has it that Damour used Xizhang open, because the name ‘Zhuo Xijing’, also known as ‘Zhuo Xiquan’.

Er Zu Um sitting north to south, 34 meters long, 28.5 meters wide. It was a complete quadrangles, front gate, things Peidian, north of the main hall. Inside the gate for Wei Tuo, also known as Skanda temple; west inside for the kinnara, also known as tight that Luo Dian; east inside for the Buddha, also known as the Buddha temple. Mountain and east-west side hall in a palace has been destroyed, only the main hall. The Er Zu temple, for hard hill construction, miankuo three, Ming Chu, two front eaves.

Inside for the second two Zhengzhou statue. Er Zu Um in the Ming Jiajing, Wanli, apocalypse, Chongzhen and Qing emperor Kangxi, Dao Guang had to repair. In the Er Zu Um Hall of the East under the eaves of the Ming Dynasty six years (in 1462) the large iron bell cast in lunar January, casting for the second temple Abbot monk River Naihua margin. The bell around the cast inscriptions, bell weight one thousand kg, eight lip, carved gossip. This clock has been well preserved, bells ringing.

Um is also preserved Ming and Qing stelae nine and Cooper strains. Er Zu Um is built in the Tang Long live Dengfeng the first year (696 years), the nameless tower in Thailand will be the first year (1324) of the edges of male Bynum tower and Ming Chongzhen two years (1629) hidden light Pu Gong tower, three Guta. In memory of Ming Jiajing, Wanli Er Zu an institute, apocalypse, Chongzhen and Qing emperor Kangxi, Dao Guang nine stone tablets, as Er Zu Um record rebuilt inscriptions.

There is a high cliff about 500 meters, Shaolin Temple journal, ‘cloud is available on the two Zhengzhou sidelined for the’, also called ‘raising arms’, ‘fiends station’. A sunny day in bed and is expected to Yi River, Luohe and the Yellow River.