Damour Hole

Damour Hole (达摩洞)

In the Shaolin Temple behind five Rufeng peaks in the upper part of a natural cave, as when Damour was nine years facing the wall, known as the Damour hole (达摩洞). Zen Chuzu Damour in AD 527 to 536 years on the hole wall sit for 9 years. Damour for the southwest entrance hole, bluestone blocks arches, hole about seven meters deep, wide, three meters high. The table has a statue of three statues, as Damour seated on both sides of his disciples. It is clear, “said Song” records, in the upper left hole, a small pagoda, tower has been destroyed. The east wall of the title of “true colours” four words. Outside the West Cliff Ming Chang Heng County Su popularity inscription is just a poem: “the west” who can be poor, Rufeng five head nine years. If the road dust in annotating, Damour hole shall owe yuantong”.

In addition to the “wall of cave” of the four characters. In the “wall of cave” side, since under wear, in a gap, have no bottom hole, legend has it that Damour left for the “dragon hole,” in before the arrival of Damour dragon living in caves, since Damour into the wall to practice, through the gap and through the Dragon fled, the cliff is called a dragon cliff.