Chu Zu Um

Chu Zu Um (初祖庵)

Chu Zu um (初祖庵) heaven and earth history of buildings construction of Henan Province, is now the oldest a wood structure building, located in the northwest of Shaolin Temple, about one kilometer, five Rufeng hill, is the human ancestor Damour memorial wall built a nunnery college, also known as the ‘wall of um’. Three facing the Jian, Gu Mu trees, standing for Yamanaka Katsu; in the hospital, looking Rufeng five top Damour hole and Damour large statue.

The door of the house with brick poetic couplet: ‘in the West twenty-eight progenitor, too east open shaolin.’ Inside for the Dharma like, and two two Zhengzhou, the monk charm, four letter road, Izu Hiroshinobu.

East, north, West three wall is painted 23 paintings of figures, and another 5 in the dynasties repair has been destroyed, as the following thirty-six Zen master Chuzu Damour. Rendering time about at the end of the Ming Dynasty, image of simple unadorned. The group painted shoulder stone, as well as the twelve root eave column, four column, shrine Xu Mizuo waist part, each face carved with flower, flowers carving kylin, lion, landscape, ancient temples, seawater, ferry, small bridges, flowing water, stories, pictures are very rich, lively style, idea clever, distant mood, with strong, is the Northern Song Dynasty and for seven years (AD 125 years) the moment the creation, dating back more than 800 years, Shaolin Temple is the stone of treasures, is also a treasure house of stone carving art in china. The sixth patriarch has passed by a strain of Wei Bai, more than four meters, the legend of Hui Neng back to Shaolin Baizu, bowl will saplings from Guangdong back, planted in here.