Kung Fu Function

Shaolin Kung Fu Function

Shaolin Kung Fu is a comprehensive martial arts system and one of the largest sects of traditional Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu has a long history and plays different functions in its continuous inheritance. The main functions of Shaolin Kung Fu are fitness regimen, culture, enhance national identity, unique aesthetic, social and economic function.

Shaolin Kung Fu Fitness Regimen Function

The Shaolin monks practicing Shaolin Kung Fu to the cultural function of fitness is the source power of the practice of continuous development and optimization. The Shaolin monks Zen belief with the ‘wall’ and ‘meditation’ as the main practice means to clean clutter free mind to fit the purpose of buddhism. Due to the long sitting cross legged, resulting in main and collateral channels blocked monks, imbalance of yin and Yang, spirit and body are very tired. The respect I lent people ‘Shaolin’ said the secret: ‘…… In this temple, see acts from the day the, class are apathetic, muscles weak and tired, every statement such as sitting, then both the chaotic vibration not followers. So Damour division is also said ‘although Buddhism followers outside the body, but do not understand this, not the end of the soul and the body part. Is to see, must strengthen the body strong, cover the soul after easy to enlightenment. Fruit borrow as all students will have coma, a futon, Sandman namely invasion, is evidence attack, until the date? I now for the students to set up a daily physical operations, with the first rays of the morning sun, and learning, will the day and active power’. So is a practice method of its followers, around eighteen, but the hands.’

Although the scholars to Damour a Shaolin boxing generally hold negative attitude, but at least we from the records of monks long-term meditation practice effect of mental state and healthy way of life have a more objective understanding. The Shaolin monks in order to best achieve the goal of practice, good physical condition has become a necessary premise. The monk door according to their own needs, based on inheriting the traditional boxing, development and creation of Shaolin kung fu novel, in order to meet the basic survival needs of cultural space in Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Kung Fu as a technical system, specific performance of Wushu routine. It is composed of a set of action combination. Design and combination of routine in shaolin kung fu action, are built on a foundation of Chinese ancient human medical knowledge, according to the movement of the body. The most famous is the ‘Liuhe’ theory: the hands and feet, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, the heart and the parataxis, meaning and gas, gas and power together. In ancient China “harmony” thought, the most appropriate human nature structure of the action, is the most reasonable. Shaolin Kung Fu after inspection and long history, constantly editing, handed down by the routine, are the essence of human motion parts. It can cause the body potential into full play, is the most optimal fitness way. Shaolin Kung Fu system in the ‘muscle-bone strengthening exercise’ is very famous Fitness Qigong practice.

Shaolin Kung Fu Cultural Function

Shaolin Kung Fu is to enhance the effective way of Zen practice realm because of the Shaolin Kung Fu is a system of technical knowledge, which implies a set of strict learning mode, so, it is natural to be Shaolin Temple monks into the Buddhist meditation program. After becoming monks in Buddhist meditation means Shaolin Kung Fu, the monks will in turn to establish itself in Buddhism is no me teaching religious way of life and the pursuit of the spirit to have tremendous courage and wisdom into Shaolin Kung Fu, the content and quality of Shaolin Kung Fu to ascend. Shaolin Kung Fu in the pursuit of progress at the same time also pay attention to skills, mental discipline, Kung Fu is only a spiritual aspect, the Shaolin Temple monks found a shortcut through LianWu awareness of dharma. Shaolin Temple monks will this Prajna empty and carry out the spirit of the Shaolin kung fu training process, the Shaolin Kung Fu for the Zen Wu one “realm of a Chinese martial arts other genres of hard”. This is ancient say “Zen Wu, the only proper course to take”. Shaolin Kung Fu and therefore has a benefit to the realm of the human spirit, especially the cultural function of religious character. Shaolin Kung Fu “Zen Wu one” spirit will have a profound influence on Chinese Wushu and buddhism.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a concrete manifestation of the ancient Chinese philosophy from a look at the content, Shaolin Kung Fu is a huge system structure, which includes an orderly cultural accumulation, historical experience rather than a simple random packing. First of all, Shaolin Kung Fu is the main routine as the basic unit, each of them is composed of more than a hundred, a few dozens of action and. Design of connection between the action, not only strictly follow the rules of human movement, but also made full use of the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang theory with conflicting form generalizes the characteristics of things, to grasp the essence of things the generality of thinking mode. This mode of thinking contemplation to Shaolin Kung Fu spirit, internal and external, dynamic, flexible, and, opening and closing, landing, advance and retreat and defense etc.. Specific to the relationship between actions and routines, routines and techniques, they are not isolated, but mutual between have reference. The combination of static and dynamic, the balance of yin and Yang, cliffide flower, both God shaped has been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu Monks pursuit. On the surface, moves and routines are arranged in order according to the difficulty, is a ladder or mode of learning; to look deeper, it is the embodiment of the ancient Chinese thinking mode, is a unique form of expression of Chinese traditional culture.

Shaolin Kung Fu Enhance National Identity Function

Shaolin Kung Fu is closely related to the history of Shaolin Temple, 1500 years, the Shaolin Temple as the special status of Chinese Wushu shrines and the Chan Zongzu family, from the early Qing Dynasty (seventeenth Century), in the Qing ruling National Chinese background, Shaolin Kung Fu is given to minority political implications, as one symbol of spirit of Chinese folk.

On the one hand with the Chinese nation to overseas immigrant scope unceasing expansion, on the other hand with the Shaolin Kung Fu has been the literature of romance and modern film and television media, Shaolin Kung Fu has gone from a temple housekeeping skills, development has become an effective way for global Chinese seeking and Qiang Huamin ethnic identity. Especially in the contemporary world integration, in the multi culture background, cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent. Shaolin Kung Fu has become one of the most popular forms of the Chinese traditional culture. Especially since the nineteen eighties, along with the national policy of opening to the outside world and global multicultural era, Shaolin Temple to promote the dissemination of Shaolin culture, Zen one culture essence, in the world, the world tour concert, won the praise of the world. Footprints all over the world, people of all ethnic groups in the world to enrich the understanding and way of Chinese excellent traditional culture understanding, understanding each other, cultural diversity, played a positive role in maintaining peaceful international environment.

Shaolin Kung Fu Unique Aesthetic Function

People unique always according to the law of beauty creation. Closely related to cultural background value orientation of aesthetic standards and the things. Shaolin Kung Fu inheritance is Zen, and Wu, therefore, its aesthetic function is the aesthetic concept of Zen is achieved through human motion mode.

‘The beauty of Zen enlightenment’, advocating ‘color is empty’, reveals the magic illusion that is really, there is no health; advocating ‘the financial heart of all things’, ‘all consciousness’, ecbolic ‘subjectivist aesthetics beauty is created by heart’; advocate ‘method is a’, ‘foreign minister and to its according to work’, ‘all in all’ reveals the aesthetic essence and ‘inner and outer isomorphism’, ‘things I Hyun will’ aesthetic way; advocating ‘consciousness is the exit without’, ‘environmental false knowledge really’ gave birth to the actual interaction art environment theory; ‘advocate God I don’t destroy’, ‘fine fine shape, rough,’ feeding ‘type Chinese traditional aesthetics of aesthetics from God’; advocate ‘Prajna empty Chi’ and ‘wait and see’ light ‘epistemology, the so-called’ no wisdom, not to see the true meaning’, ‘Sacred Heart Xujing, as no I do not know, ‘the birth of the aesthetic epistemology’ Xujing ‘heory: ‘to accept’, ‘must consider far thinking’; advocate without thinking, intuitive present, we ‘see’ feeling, straight Qi, touched the intuitive feature esthetic grasp; advocating ‘no difference Chi’ ‘the best understanding’, advocate the use of ‘non respectively’ way to The object world, gave birth to the Chinese aesthetics is not divided, aesthetic style criticism fusion; advocating science circle, law circle beauty beauty and bright beauty, formed the aesthetics history taking roundness as beauty, bright rich wonders of beauty.

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the way of Buddhist meditation, also known as the ‘martial arts and zen’. The aspirant for Wushu skills in physical exercise at the same time, in the heart meditation Shaolin Zen Center, so that the Shaolin Kung Fu rational understanding of Zen philosophy rising height. In order to Wu Wu, Wu Wu Zen to Zen card, maps, ‘Insight’ in Wushu practice, to ‘see’, the martial arts, thoroughly understand the meaning of Buddhist wisdom, understanding life the universe really nature. So practice Shaolin Kung Fu is the pursuit of a “fist accidentally, Italian unintentional, realm of the gods and inadvertently be true”. Shaolin Kung Fu inheritance is the first Zen, so they practice Shaolin Kung Fu is the Zen aesthetic pursuit and experience of the process, is the main body of Zen aesthetics.

Along with the technical and theoretical system is complete, also known as ‘Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Wu Yi’. It consists of body up, down, in, retreat, flash, exhibition, Teng, Noah, channeling jump, jump, jump, roll, side, flutter,,,, and turned into action routines, become the most optimization of human motion. This is the process of experiencing Shaolin Kung Fu heritage of the people, also first meet the audience on human visual aesthetic needs. At the same time, the corresponding relation between Shaolin Kung Fu Zen ideas and action routines, from time to time to transfer its viewers Zen and abundant information, communication and it is also the aesthetics of Zen, Zen aesthetic object.

The traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, is the Shaolin Temple ancient monks after 1500 years of creation and temper and become, is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, is the essence of ancient Chinese aesthetics of human motion. It implicitly within just, solid and strong, ‘static like virgin, like a rabbit’, shrouded in the solemn Buddhist culture, the unique aesthetic value can excite people’s mind.

Shaolin Kung Fu Social Function

Shaolin Temple was founded in the northern and Southern Dynasties Buddhism development heyday. Because at that time the entire social environment in the frequent wars and turbulent situation, relatively free from state power edge religious temples, especially the royal temple, because it has its own independent legal system (the law) and rich assets, be gone the attack target. Founded in the Shaolin Temple is also difficult to escape. In order to ensure the property security and dignity to Buddhism, Chou monk led monk martial arts move, is the survival need and demand of buddhism. Furthermore, the Zen “by means of non-literature” direct experience and find one’s true self practice martial arts and the oral teaching that inspires true understanding within the practice mode is the same, that is to say the localization process of Chinese Zen Buddhism accepted the Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Temple. Therefore, such a social environment that Shaolin Kung Fu double gene has the function of Wushu and Buddhist practices, which is rooted in the Shaolin Temple, and gradually become the effective way for Zen practice.

Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners to justice, integrity, courage, integrity and patriotic people for the purpose, participated in a number of historical events, and make positive contribution to resolve social contradictions. Due to the dual function of Shaolin Kung Fu with martial arts combat and Zen practice, especially after the actual test, the different time people cognition for Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts skills by extending to the Buddhist “compassion is the basic doctrine, Purdue beings” cognitive. Shaolin Kung Fu has played the secularization of religion social function.

After the history of development of one thousand 500 years, especially with the widely used firearms, Wushu from armed, Shaolin kung fu fighting function gradually reduced, the practice, health, aesthetic and promote the ethnic identity of social function has been further development, its connotation is more rich and complete.

Shaolin Kung Fu Economic Function

Shaolin Temple has a history of over 1500 years, Shaolin Kung Fu in the mid Ming Jiajing (1522 – 1565) is known to the world, the so-called “fist to temple, temple in the boxing show”, brought the profound influence to the life of the community in Dengfeng city. Shaolin Kung Fu has become the core of the community culture in the city of Dengfeng, has a strong influence on the community in Dengfeng city in the overall industrial structure, promote the formation of Dengfeng City Community Martial Arts tourism and economic industry, plays an important role in the optimization of the industrial structure.