Kung Fu History

The History of Shaolin Kung Fu

The history of Shaolin Kung Fu and Mount Song area historical geographical environment inseparable. Mount Song area is the most important cradle of ancient civilization. Mont Song, called ‘Song High Mountain’, mountains for columns, since ancient times known as God Mountain. Since in India Han Chinese Buddhism and Taoism, Songshan and soon become the country’s famous Zen monastic site. The Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin Kung Fu, is the outstanding representative of the history and culture of Mount Song.

Shaolin Kung Fu history, can be traced directly to Shaolin Temple to create the. Northern Wei Tai, India monk Ba Tuo to China from the western regions, due to his mastery of Zen by Wei Emperor Xiaowen, Chongxin. Northern Wei Wo nineteen years (495), with the order of Emperor Xiaowen moved the capital to Luoyang. Ba Tuo ‘academic static perturbation’, ‘sex’, the habitat ‘repeatedly to Songyue’, then, for Emperor Xiaowen of Ba Tuo Shaoshi mountain temple in Songshan, ‘the public to suit for the’. Because the temple is located in the northern jungle Shao Shi Mountain, named Shaolin Temple. Clear? ‘Said the king Rizhen song’ said: ‘Shaolin, Shaolin Lin also.’

Ba Tuo in Shaolin Temple to teach Theravada meditation, belonging to the India traditional Tibetan meditation. The original form of belief — Meditation Shaolin Kung Fu, is the founder of Shaolin Temple India monk Ba Tuo brought. It has a monk Chou, Hui Guang, Tao House, is a famous monk. The monk Chou Chan Ba Tuo to world, be known as “the east of the self, the zen”. Chou monk meditation signs, the Shaolin Kung Fu – belief — divinity belief has produced profound influence. Because Songshan was the religious center of meditation, the special relationship with the Emperor Xiaowen Ba Tuo plus, so the sequence of disciples and disciple, become an important elite group that Zen, great influence on later development of buddhism.

In 508 ad, India monk Lenamoti and bodhiruci, went to Shaolin Temple, India Sejong common translation ten by the theory of “Bodhisattva”, after three years, completed the world bank, effectively promoted the development of northern zen. In the meantime, and South India monk Bodhi Damour, from the sea to South China Sea, and then crossing the Yangtze River north into the Central Plains, mountain in Shaolin Temple area meditation ascetic pass. Damour preached Zen “Mahayana wall view”. It is Hui Ke, the deputy, education etc.. The two Zhengzhou to Damour for the law, “Li Xue Brokeback” legend, become an important source of spiritual learning Shaolin Kung Fu. Later, there are a lot of India Shaolin Temple monks to teach meditation, form the initial form of divine belief and meditation the Shaolin Kung Fu belief.

Sui Wendi Buddha worship, in kaihuang reign (581 – 600) was given to the Shaolin Temple land one hundred hectares. The early years of the Sui Dynasty, because the emperor reward, Shaolin Temple became has many farms and large temple produces the great temple. Sui Dynasty (618), the loss of government, warlords abounded, great disorder under heaven, has a huge temple Shaolin Temple, became the ‘bandit’ against robbery targets, “monks refused, Tayuan burned”. In order to protect the temple, Shaolin Temple monks organized armed forces and bandit combat soldiers, Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Temple as the armed forces initially formed.

Tang Wude two years (619), Sui emperor general Wang Shichong in Luoyang, “Zheng Guo no.”. His nephew Wang Ren occupy Shaolin Temple is cypress Valley Wu, Jian Yuan chow. Wude four years (621), Shaolin Temple Tan Pope, thirteen monks, David Wang Ren, seized the city, to the emperor Li Shimin. Three days later, Li Shimin sent a special envoy to the Shaolin Temple monk Xuan Wei, the per capita by Pope Fengshang, also called general monk, and give the Shaolin Temple cypress Valley Wu fields for forty years. Shaolin Temple since then to Wu Yong is well known in the world. Shaolin monks martial arts become a common practice, be handed down from age to age.

And Shaolin Temple formed armed forces corresponding to a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva, Luo that may force as the core of the Yin Kong God belief began to pop, and lasted to fourteenth Century the end of the yuan dynasty. Shaolin Kung Fu to meditation as the core of the traditional divine belief, still spread unabated. Shaolin Temple is the Zen center. Tang Hongdao the first year (683), Damour Chan Chan sect leader system important method such as Jackson into the Shaolin Temple mission, six years after he died in Shaolin Temple. The famous master such as Hui An, Yuan GUI Ling Yun, etc., which are in the Shaolin Temple, tin. A famous monk master Xuan Zang (600 – 664) has two times on the table, the request into the Shaolin Temple meditation, but not allowed to. Xinluo monk Hui Zhao (774 – 850) Yu Yuan and five years (810) into the Shaolin Temple meditation for many years, in 830 years to build the Yuquan temple, died the title “really in the”.

The late Tang and Five Dynasties, because Wu Zong “Huichang Buddha” and war and other social factors, Shaolin Temple hit. But as Damour initiated Zen sect flourished and became the largest Chinese Buddhist sects, especially in the Song Dynasty (Tenth Century), Shaolin Temple became the Zen sect in the Holy land. In order to commemorate Damour, mountain in Shaolin Temple Damour once meditation preaching place, build Chu Zu Um, and the establishment of the “wall of tall tower”. With the establishment of Zen teachings prevalent and Shaolin Temple Zuting position, belief content and quality of Shaolin Kung Fu had new development again, “Zen Wu one” began to become the mainstream ideology of Shaolin Kung fu.

Jin Yuan two dynasties (1127 – 1368) is a northern minorities in Han Dynasty, although both respect for Buddhism, but the rule of the Han folk armed forces to repression, Shaolin Temple is no exception. Shaolin Temple as the Zen sect Zuting, still important, Chan Sheng long. Especially during the Yuan Dynasty (1279 – 1368), the Zen sect leader important tribe of Cao Dongzong Fu Yu Zen abbot of Shaolin Temple, Cao Dong patriarchal veins return ancestor court, a galaxy of talents, thus opening Shaolin Temple Zen monks come forth in large numbers, the most brilliant era after more than a hundred years, the Chinese Zen Center during the period of religious sect. During the period of Fu Yu abbot of Shaolin Temple, also founded the monastery of patriarchal head system, the Shaolin Temple monks are regarded Shaolin Temple as the home, became the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) an important basis of Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts martial level rise and system

The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was established in the Han Chinese in the war against the mongols. So, in the cold weapon era of the Ming Dynasty, the folk martial arts atmosphere prevailing. This is the formation of Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts martial perfection and system level, the environment. The Ming Dynasty nearly three hundred years, is the Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts level development period. The monks of the Shaolin Temple at least six times by the court requisition plan, participate in the official war, repeated construction feats, many times by the court awards, and in the Shaolin Temple tree monument square repair the temple. Shaolin Kung Fu has been tested in actual combat, Shaolin Kung Fu is renowned far and wide, thus established the Shaolin Kung Fu in the authority of national martial arts circles. Shaolin Kung Fu Monks of Shaolin Temple in the area (Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Yunnan etc.) and travel area (Henan Funiu Mountain, Sichuan Yunnan Jizu mountain Mount Emei, etc.) of the occurrence and development of martial arts, have a profound influence. Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts, also reached a hitherto unknown level, has been generally recognized peers and the whole society.

Shaolin Kung Fu belief patterns have changed in the Ming dynasty. Masanori twelve years (1517), the abbot of the Shaolin Temple, since the Tang Dynasty to a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva Phil Jackson would force as the core of the Yin Kong belief in God, into kinnara king of Shaolin Temple Club Wu Sheng belief, we can explain the Shaolin Kung Fu, and motivate the Shaolin Temple monk martial arts.

The Ming Dynasty was a period of great development of Shaolin Kung fu. In the heart to the end of Ming Dynasty (15061644), Shaolin Temple is a martial arts communication space of the country’s most important. There exist at least 10 martial arts system or school.

At the same time, in addition to teach by precept and example form transmission Shaolin Kung Fu, martial arts and theory has been an unprecedented development, writing of the fan, is now unable to statistics. The spread so far there are four important martial arts works: Ming Hong to release “dream”, a green hall marksmanship Zong Yu “Shaolin staff Zong”, Qing Wu Shu “recorded” arm and Qing Zhang Kong Zhao “fist boxing”.

Ming Wanli nine years (1581) Wang Shixing “Song travels”, the Shaolin Temple monks to “more than 800 monks” scale. According to Shaolin Temple, patriarchal clan head system, in addition to the Shaolin Temple often is hospitalized the Deacon monk outside, other monks are scattered throughout the patriarchal head. Basic principles of Buddhist organizations is wandering system, the core content, is also the free right of monks import. But inside the door structure of patriarchal Shaolin Temple, the monks relations is a single and relatively stable, they must strictly abide by the inheritance system. Except for special reasons, the frequent movement of the monks will not. Shaolin Temple the patriarchal head system is double open and stable, the heritage and development of Shaolin Kung Fu, especially the formation of Shaolin Kung Fu system and the school, has played a very important role in.

Later rulers establishing political power, and gold, two yuan of Han in the same implementation of suppression policy, no Chinese martial arts. War affected, the Shaolin Temple monks dimensions narrows gradually. Because the relationship with the Ming Dynasty palace closely and its great position in National Wushu circles, Shaolin Temple soon in the Qing Dynasty under strict surveillance. Yong Zheng thirteen years (1735), direct instructions to rectify the Sejong Shaolin Temple patriarchal head, re planning of Shaolin Temple architectural pattern. Nevertheless, the monks of the Shaolin Temple during the day as usual after class meditation, but the night stick in Shaolin Temple the most hidden Temple — the thousand Buddha Temple, martial arts does not stop, and the ground because of long-term exercise force formed pit, still remains. From the white temple murals and literature, Shaolin Kung Fu in the Qing Dynasty, is still maintained a high level of. In private, Shaolin Kung Fu has been deified, and even the development of folk sects (will) is an important part of ideology and the spiritual pillar. Such as Shandong ‘in science teaching,’ the north ‘Shaolin’, ‘Sichuan Shaolin green bishop’ and the “heaven and earth” etc.. Circulating in Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Kung Fu, away from the temple buddhist environment, lack of organization and system guarantee long-term stability, cultural function inevitably practice Shaolin Kung Fu and the purpose of the Shaolin Kung Fu to variation. And it is only in the roots and development of Shaolin Kung Fu Culture Space — Shaolin Temple, it inherited a relatively complete.

During the period of Republic of China (1911 – 1949), suffered a major fire Shaolin Temple human. In 1928, warlord, to Shaolin Temple, the main hall, Jing Lou and other important buildings and collections, are burned, suffered heavy losses. Shaolin Temple further decline, Shaolin Kung Fu is also at risk.

1949 – the land reform (before), Shaolin Temple often is hospitalized 82 monks, after only 16 people. Especially during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), monks to transformation, cultural relics were destroyed, classics diaspora, Shaolin Temple is fading. Until the early nineteen eighties, the government issued a new policy on religion, the religious life back. At the same time, departments at all levels of attention, the Shaolin Kung Fu Classics Collection, identification, collation and publication work has been launched on a large scale. Shaolin Kung Fu is slowly raised.