Shaolin Kung Fu VS Muay Thai World Champion

December 13, 2013

Shaolin Kung Fu came back , landing professional wrestling ring, Shaolin law enforcement challenges Muay Thai world champion.

January 3, 2014 , the legendary hero of 2014 World Fighting Championship will be held in King City, Shandong Province, Jinan Olympic Sports Center . “Condensed explosives ” Greek small bald Mike Zambidis, ” beautiful death ” Artur Kyshenko, ” World Muay Thai first person ” Yodsanklai Fairtex and ” undefeated champion ” Simon Marcus four from Greece , Ukraine, Thailand and Canada wrestling world champion landing Chinese martial arts

By this time, the Shaolin Temple has never participated in the competition arena initiative Qingzhan . 34th generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple , Shi Zhanpai Shaolin monks create Britain Shi Yan Zi initiative to battle ” undefeated champion” Simon Marcus . Marcus has 36 battle undefeated , 22 KO opponents , in China and Thailand showdown unbeaten in seven games , two of which are the ” two dozen ” can be said for a time the hot topic invincible hand of Chinese martial arts . Shi Yan Zi move a ripple . Since it was rumored weight classes because the reasons Shi Yan Zi is the most suitable opponent from Ukraine “Beautiful Death ” Al Figure road. Qisixinke , other brokers even actively caller asked , Shaolin kungfu have expressed very great interest , willing to learn .

Shi Yan Zi said in an interview to challenge the world champion is not for fame and fortune , but to wake everyone for Chinese martial arts combat capabilities attention and reflection. ” I practiced martial arts for 30 years, has been keen to traditional martial arts heritage, but also in what is now worried about Chinese martial arts go where . Martial arts can not escape the ring , I want everyone concerned about the development of martial arts combat , for which I am willing to do pioneer willing to do the stepping stone . victory is not the key , my personal fame is not important , it is important wake of the rise of Chinese martial arts is by no means a person’s outcome , but the future of all martial arts , which is like war, in front of the people down, people continue to charge back the only way , Chinese martial arts will be re- accredited.