Shaolin Kung Fu Unveiled at the Moscow International Music Festival

September 8, 2013

September 1st to 8, once a year, the Moscow International Music Festival will be held in Moscow’s Red Square grand. In the music festival, the Shaolin Temple monks from China to Moscow audiences Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu is very well-known in Russia, many Russian people are keen to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, and this time the band festival in Moscow Street Hung with many Chinese Shaolin monks as a poster theme, so Shakunaga Nobuhito just arrived in Moscow, were warmly welcomed by the local Shaolin disciple, believers and people from all walks of life. The two day, when the Shaolin Temple monks mission of Music Festival in Red Square, from other countries, tourists band, and even Music Festival Organizing Committee staff will fall over each other to request and the Shaolin monks took a group photo.

In late September 1st the band festival, Russian President Dmitry Putin in person at the scene to watch the Shaolin monks, wonderful show. Putin is very interested in Shaolin Kung Fu. In 2006 he visited China, specially to visit Shaolin Temple in Songshan. In 2009, Putin was invited to the Shaolin Temple monk a delegation to attend the International Festival to Moscow.

In addition to music festivals, Shaolin monks delegation’s trip to Moscow with the Russian people are also arranged a number of exchange activities. For example, in September 2nd, Shi Yongxin Abbot will be in Moscow Chinese Cultural Center opened “Shaolin Zen cultural” lecture, and the Russian people close exchanges.

Once a year the Moscow International Music Festival had been held four times, this year is being held for the fifth time, has gradually become one of the most prestigious international music festival in the world. Nowadays, many countries in the world band are eager to come to Moscow to showcase their.

The music festival is the theme of ‘the revitalization of traditional, historic preservation’. There will be a total of from Russia, France, Britain, Japan, China, South Korea and other 13 countries of the band performance and team performance. In addition to artists in the world’s great performance, finally, this music festival will show in the evening every day, 3D projection show for 9 and a half minutes in the Kremlin Palace wall, at the same time will also be setting off fireworks. Plus every music festival is held in the Red Square, the Red Square fairy tale beautiful Saint Basil’s Cathedral as the background, this is no exception. So this year’s International Festival in the hearing, or visual, will bring a wonderful enjoyment for the audience.