Sandbag Leggings

Sandbag Leggings

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Sandbag Leggings

Sandbag Leggings is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kung fu. The main objective is to increase the leg muscles, strengthen leg muscles.

Sandbags tied on the ankle position of general practice, vertical jump and step, every time a certain number of action, should pay attention to relax. The beginning of the use of sandbags practice, we must pay attention to is step by step, then practice to adapt slowly to add weight, avoid by all means. Jog, do preparatory activities before practice.

Training Methods

1. Squat jump 1 began, squat to? Position, hands placed on the front, 2 to jump off the ground at least 20 to 25cm. When in the air, your hands should be placed at the back. At once. Next, repeat the above steps!

2. Foot tip (toes), 1 first of all, find a step or a book to stepping, then only the toes on top, heel or toe or pad.2 carried to the highest point, 3 slowly down, to complete a.. feet to complete, the completion of a group.

3. Find a chair, put one foot up, show 90 degrees 2, try to jump, change of feet in the air, on the chair,. Repeat 2, the original take-off foot back in the chair, finish another jump.

4. Jump 1 feet straight, shoulder width, “locking” your knees… 2 only use your leg jump, can only bend your foot Guo, knees do not bend… 3 to ground, and then quickly jump, to complete a…