Sanda (or SanShou)

Sanda is two people according to certain rules, the use of martial arts in the play, play, the offensive and defensive techniques fall, winning each other, hand to hand combat with the modern athletic sports, it is an important part of Chinese martial arts.

Sanda’s name was formerly called Sanshou, is the essence of Chinese martial arts, is a unique national style of the sport for many years development, spread in the folk, popular people’s favorite. The origin and development of Sanda, and the Chinese nation has a long history of synchronization. It from the production of labor ancestors, the struggle for survival origin, but also services to this evolution has become the treasure of Chinese nation, splendid cultural heritage. For the bottom-up, hunted for food for human in primitive society, the long-term fight with the beasts, learn different methods used to fight with the beasts of the. Called to wrestle, hand to hand, Bian Bian, white, etc.

Modern Sanda is the two person in accordance with the rules, the use of martial arts play, play, in the fall and defensive methods, carries on the modern sport unarmed confrontation, it is an important part of Chinese martial arts. Chinese martial arts have two forms, one is the routine exercise form, is a fighting form. A free combat is fighting form.

Modern martial arts Sanda on traditional martial arts were summed up, sorting, leaving the specific morphology of them, find out the common rules, namely the Chinese boxing martial boxing, kicks through regular, summed up the basic form of movement of them, after a highly abstract, the attack technology has two forms: one is straight method type, another kind is arc method. Boxing to Chong, whipped, copy, whip, leg to pedal, kicking, sweep, swing, hook for content, broke rules according to “quickly falls” and “no”, grasp the “center of gravity points of damage” and “Lun circle”, create “method and the fall” and “clip a fall”. At the same time, defense technology is divided into “the contact defense” and “no contact defense” two. Sanda the Chinese traditional “gallants” from the competition form, one party off beat out the losing party. The three two win in competition method, first won two games is the winner.