Press Leg

Press Leg

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Press Leg

Press Leg is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kung fu. Press Leg is mainly in order to pull ligament, improve leg flexibility. Methods Press Leg are mainly positive pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure and step, vertical fork, the fork.

Press Leg benefits:

1. To promote the healthy and perfect shape

As with all kinds of strength training subjects when combined, such as running, cycling, swimming and rowing project, flexibility in the complete training system can provide necessary help at least 1/3.

2. To reduce the risk of injury

Most daily injury and sports injuries are external injury, or joint sprain, excessive stretch the muscle and related tissues induced injury. Flexibility training of Wushu athletes adhere to the scientific rules than the lack of flexibility exercise injuries are less likely to be 50%.

3. And when combined with other types of training, flexibility exercises is a good warm up or relaxing exercise

Remove the above about benefits, flexibility exercises can improve coordination of the nervous system and muscle tissue. If you finish a flexibility training immediately after exercise, can make your tired body to recover as soon as possible.

4. Improve your competitive level

A good flexibility of Wushu athletes performance will be more relaxed, wonderful. Can you imagine a muscle dead gymnastics athletes will be like? Athletes with good flexibility, psychologically and physically than other players an advantage.