Mei Hua Quan

Mei Hua Quan Plum Bossom Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Mei Hua Quan (Plum Blossom Fist)

Shaolin Plum Blossom Boxing (Mei Hua Quan) is one of the excellent traditional routine in Shaolin Kung fu, also known as the plum blossom piles. The drills as a convenient, is more widespread in the ground drill, called ground Mikie plum blossom piles. Pile the graph has the pile, Samsung pile, pile, pile, the pile of Tiangang gossip. The potential trend, homeopathy, pile with AO potential, small potential, losing five potential, routine without some type, its potential such as freely flowing style of writing, be the most changeful, fast and not random.

Plum blossom boxing boxing in the human body as a small world, the “harmony” theory. Man must know “four seasonal work” truth “and” muscle-bone strengthening exercise “. Plum blossom boxing martial art is intended to “first solid fundamental” namely: “Xian chain for Neidan, Wu Lian is Dan, but not by Dan Dan up. Dynamic interdependence, temperature Yangyou method, its own node fetal reduction effect. Inner alchemy is unpredictable, ethereal, since a King Kong not bad body, is the extraordinary people of his majesty by Gordon, if cloud the enemy and the small one is.”

The guiding ideology of plum flower boxing is our traditional culture of Yin Yang and five elements theory, gossip, variation of the physical pistachio element a overall view. If you do not understand the traditional culture of our nation’s thinking method is unable to understand the plum blossom boxing boxing theory, nor good refining meihuaquan martial arts. Boxing is a boxing culture, martial arts training process in the guiding role of boxing theory is very important. Often the side acrobatics, while learning the boxing theory, but also in the process of exercise on the boxing theory constantly experience, insight. Therefore, the exercise of plum flower boxing martial arts that learning and training process of a traditional culture thinking method.

When the plum blossom piles practice martial arts to the advanced stage, must understand the training of mind, the law, which is to cultivate one’s original nature of the practice. As stated earlier, Inner Alchemy cultivation, in addition to Wu Lian Dan, also with the temperature keep method, also is the practice. Therefore, this work is the advanced stage of martial arts.