The Meditation Notes

September 28, 2011

Meditation Notes

1. Sit In Time

Meditation Kung Fu to a great depth, this should be in the daily line, live, do, bedroom, can still be tranquil, but the beginning of learning, not a specified time. Meditation time, regardless of day and night, premature delivery, you can practice, but the people who are working as after getting up in the morning and at night before bedtime, sat a advisable, if daily can make only one person, so in the morning meditation as well, every time, although the longer the better, but not having the intention to seek long, when the step by step according to their own situation,, if 30 minutes every time, gradually extended to every 40 minutes or an hour, daily continue, it will be no small. In a word, can sit sit by late morning. To get up early to bed in the lower abdomen touch on, according to the method of breathing exercises, to adjust the breath, then through the toilet, washing, and then sit.

2. Mixed Diet

We have this body, Dietary nourishment is indispensable. But if you eat too much, the stomach can not try to digest, anti shall not digest things excretion to in vitro, this will aggravate gastrointestinal work, the results will be short of breath body full, no peace sit; eat too little, and the nutritional deficiencies, and cause physical weakness, it is not appropriate to sit diet must be smooth, so. General habits, food is full, that should stop. Food should not be strong, if the best vegetarian. In the morning on an empty stomach, the most appropriate. After about an hour after eating can be seated.

3. The Harmonic Sleep

After we daily old labour heart, must rest to recover. Sleep is one of the most long time rest. Sleep for eight hours, too easy to make the mind in meditation, the extremely disadvantageous; if too little, physical and shall not be restored, the mind will be lying, is not appropriate. So sleep a timing, moderation, can make the air clear, generally speaking, every night 9 to 10 times to sit down, after 10 to sleep, after 6 to get up, if can often abstinence only Su, the meditation help is greater, because lust is not only easy to make the physical fatigue and the most likely cause mind out for occlusion, and is the root of life and death the bitter trouble, where learning will repair the Hui people must pay attention to abstinence. The degree of the deep people sit in the middle of the night awake, can sit up, sit can no longer sleep is the best, if feel inadequate, then it can doze. If further work sometimes sit, sit with long, then sleep time will be gradually reduced, so all the year round to sit generation people sleep, but this is not just a toddler. The total to reconcile the sleep, so that can not be too much or too little, the most reasonable.

4. To Persevere

Meditation beginner, often feel depressed heart, must be determined to persevere, dressing for dinner, as indispensable. In any case, must be overcome, not being busy back; in any case, must continue to, can not play fast and loose, only in this way, high efficiency to obtain meditation.

5. Not Available

Available can not be Meditation, all principles to grasp the “nature” of the word. For example, meditation could eliminate disease and promote health, but this requires not only the disease and improve the health of the idea, in meditation it should be abandoned, all leave the matter as it is, don’t be anxious for success. Days and months multiplying Meditation must, in order to achieve the effect of physical and psychological changes, and the nutrition of the food the same, once the excessive eating renvoi hurt a stomach, but the mind be persistent, Qi and blood is not smooth, so it must be such as long-distance travel, patience, slowly, will arrive a day.

6. To All Not To Reason

Meditation want to let go, bent on learning, although the distracting thoughts swirling, just ignore it, also do not condone it, just do my breath or aligning Kung Fu, the spin spin spin thoughts scattered, scattered rotation, long since gradually calm. And in meditation, two eyes closed, can not see things, but the outside sound stimulation, two ears, heart was born delusion, the most difficult disposal. Then the appropriate viewing return listen, indifferent, but to work hard for themselves, for a long time to practice, to develop “Taishan jade before collapsing and the color change” Kung Fu.

7. To Change The Habit of Pain

Learning meditation people, should always behave themselves, their behavior to pain, pain to change your bad habits. When greed, anger, delusion, suffering from arrogant trouble started, and their struggle, gradually overcome. Only in this way, can the continuous progress in Kung fu. As often rely upon the knowledge of good, with three conversion of Buddhist precepts, correct learning attitude, set up the right view, and further to do is clean, is also a necessary condition for correction of Zen, real wisdom.

8. Face Possible Phenomena

Meditation long, who tend to be shivering and fever feeling, brain tonic will often have vibration phenomenon thunderbolt; heart, sometimes may also show various fantasy. These phenomena, because of his body and mind is different, in nature, can not be forced, also not be suppressed, also sit for many years, and has benefits, but not the occurrence of these phenomena. At the same time, the occurrence of these phenomena, and there is no mystery to say, just because the static and constant, cause physiological and psychological responses. Learn to sit people to know and the empty realm, all in all, such as illusory as, without practice, when don’t take not to give up, a stillness, not rigid, otherwise it will fall into a wrong path, and the obstacles to positive practice.