Meditation Method

Octomber 18, 2011

Meditation Method

Sit Before

1. Best find a quiet room to sit, if conditions do not permit, you can now in the bedroom. Doors and windows should be opened, to allow the air to circulate, but the wind is not sitting, the door can be closed the best, lest others harassment.

2. Sit or other stool or on the bed, but the flat is appropriate, the seat must shop bedding or cushion, make sure to soft and thick, and sedentary.

3. Entered the sitting on the front, should be loose belt, the muscles are not binding, gas machine not to block, but in the autumn, the cold season, the legs must cover, lest the knee by the wind.

Sitting Posture (Body)

1. Sit preparation: seated before my head to be loose, integrity, but must be natural, do not deliberately straight.

2. He Fu: preliminary single foot pull up, and in the left strand

3. Single sit cross legged tarsus in second steps: the left pull up, placed in the right femoral.

4. Single cross legged seated: hands back palm, the left hand is placed in the right hand thumb on top, double, placed in a cross legged seated above, eyes closed.

5. Jiafu double action “such as single lotus type, then put in the left femoral lower right pull up, make double foot to.

6. double cross legged seated: same as the one he Fu, two thumbs on an Zhang, seated with eyes closed.

When Meditation Posture

When meditation legs must set up, set with his habits, learning will cross legged, numbness or pain, will endure. When meditation chest differentiable forward V, the heart fall; hip should protrude backwards, so that the spine does not bend; ventral lower should relax put hands calm; Yang Zhang, with the left hand is placed on the right hand side, two finger is on, placed in the umbilicus lotus.

When meditation breathing natural breathing (abdominal breathing) and was breathing (breathing should be long, as in the abdomen)

When Meditation Thoughts (Diao Xin)

The purpose of meditation, not only lies in the promotion of the health of the body, and the most important, is to seek the mind of untamed, Wang Xin variable V is wisdom is bright, the body is healthy.