Meditation Mental Activities Affect People’s

July 26, 2012

Meditation Mental Activities

The person has two aspects, physiological and psychological engaged in cultivation, although the two are indispensable, but the psychological aspect is more important, such as: the heart be ashamed, meal oil flush with shame; heart worry, do not feel sad white appearance, this is the psychological impact on the body; pleasant facial information when feeling beautiful, and sad when, on the contrary, it is the psychological impact on the facial features; the excitement is appetite can increase, and depressed when will be reduced, this is the psychological impact on the stomach; anger, jealousy and not normal feelings, can make blood and tissues, toxins, this is the psychological impact in the blood, visible mental power to dominate the flesh.

While meditation not only in the physiological aspects can make people Chan Yi, is in the psychological aspect also can make the whole body spirit to agree to pool, and promote the further development to the healthy psychological phenomenon. With a calm attitude, is the only way to fight the distractions. At the same time psychological both peace and normal, thought is clear and pleasant, natural gas and can promote peace, eliminate disease and prolong life.

In addition, the general psychology research to say, are nothing more than the heart, heart function and cardiac and change etc.. And the body, the heart of the heart sources, and specific methods to ease of mind, still can not have the exact description. If through meditation, the awareness campaign to gradually stop, then mental static, clearly show in the former, will certainly contribute to the psychology of creative invention.