Meditation Is The Revised Basis

December 29, 2011

Meditation Revised Basis

In the course of our life, often can have all sorts of trouble, by the thought of confusion, not obsessed with sleep and. For example, lost financial, often have the illegal theft of bitter; lost in love, often have the Dutch act suffer because of brokenhearted. It has been in the past, but also climbing dispute, asking for trouble; it has not yet produced along, but the first ratio respectively, refused to relax. All this is mainly due to the lack of concentration. Visible from the heart a owner, it is the world of the first suffering people. Only by working hard can revise, from weak to strong, from a changing wisdom, some evil, powerful control, in the tempestuous waves, such as not moving, not to be troubled by.

According to the Buddhist point of view, all things in the universe is nothing but the karma and the fantasy like, though, objectively, but born change, no real. Our flesh, in any case sturdy, also some bad day, is not the exception. Therefore, the wisdom of the people, must see through the universe and life, so of course, then the Buddha Dharma, get rid of the body and mind, clinging to life and death of Nirvana, canal, turn trouble for Bodhi, an important means to resolve our revised the history of life on this problem.

Has the close relation with the set, has quit and Hui two, the so-called ring of health set, consisting of a primary disfiguring, wisdom, will be decided by the hair, no leakage of large fixed, money from the ring of health. Therefore pure precepts, to cure the six primary afflictions, worry and killing a thief obscene and so evil, real is an important basis of quality. Fixed boundary, large depth, in meditation, the meditation on the world, out of this world meditation etc.. So the way, is boundless, and everything was good, live, sitting, lying, can be revised, but because we scattered ‘force is very strong, in the static in practice than in moving to right. Therefore, as a people, in the early start, generally with meditation based. In the sit down everything, and convergence, the environment is not disturbed, the heart no breath, body, mouth, meaning there are law instrument carrier clean, can slowly recognized, but lost to reflect the natural heart, gradually in stillness only. So the ancient Devon: “if you sit in a short moment, Sheng made constant sand seven pagoda. After all the pieces for the dust pagoda, a spiritual enlightenment.” Meditation is visible to fans think, have a indispensable Hui Kung fu.