Meditation Is The Most Basic Method Of Cultivation

March 20, 2013

Meditation Basic Method

Buddhism believes that meditation can clarify thinking, improve health, is an important method for cultivation of body and mind.

In Buddhism, the people’s daily life, for the total of four different attitude, is the line, live, sitting, lying, known as the “four methods”. In the “four methods”, “sit” is just a gesture which. To meditation, not only when sitting, knowledgeable, live to set. However, in the beginning stages of revision, the sitting posture of entry, is the easiest way.

We live in this world, cannot avoid various diseases, two of all diseases can be divided into the body and mind, in addition to the body’s disease, all disease, we often only pay attention to the body disease, heart disease, are generally not enough, in fact, the body disease, mostly due to the anxious gas weak; but it is mainly because of anxiety caused by surprise, mind disturbed. Gluttony, greed, and corruption – and so on are sufficient to cause disease, liver and heart Peng Jing Wang, six pulse vibration, five FU boiling, and blood loss, wind cold damp, also take advantage of a weak point. All kinds of medicine, can cure disease for a period of time, if not from the basic treatment, so although a cure, and pathogenic origin not to go, still have at any time by the invasion risk. People in a busy life, work, not only managed to settle idea, despite the troubles, and even be insatiably avaricious, lechery forget oneself, so everywhere with their hard, was inevitable slack, blood and harmony, so often suffer from the disease due to pain, this is very sigh. According to the study, people in the spirit of good, can secrete some beneficial hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine, these substances are conducive to physical and mental health, to regulate the flow of blood, nerve cells excited to good condition. On the contrary, if the day depressed sad, six primary afflictions slow suspected, will make the beneficial hormone secretion disorder, visceral organ dysfunction, the occurrence of gastric spasm, cause high blood pressure, cause coronary artery occlusion, especially easy to induce heart disease. So we require physical health, self dispel disease, to cure disease before Qi, to Qi before cultivation, to support before to remove the worries the mind, the heart does not shake, natural gas is filled, strong resistance, the disease has not occurred.

In practice, we can make the random thoughts, gradually to coagulate, heart rule and gas, gas and blood smoothly, not only can help to keep fit, but also can remove the subjective and lost, get really easy, so sit is the most basic training method.