Meditation And Human Physiological Relationship

December 21, 2012

Meditation Human Physiological

The structure of the human body, is very sophisticated, it can be a complete individual, mainly rely on the nervous system, especially the brain function. At the same time according to the physiological point of view, the maximum effect of the structure of human body, first of all is the life sustaining, two uptake in vitro nutrients and oxygen supply to the body organs, hand in the carbon dioxide and other waste out of the body. This substance exchange phenomenon, is called “the new supersedes the old”. The new supersedes the old. The role, is not a stop, mainly rely on cardiac, vascular, lymphatic circulatory organ to circulation, so that blood does not stop running to the body. The heart consists of four chambers: the left atrium, left ventricle, right atrium, right ventricle, which is to promote the flow of blood vessel is the organ, artery and vein; lymph vessels throughout the body, and veins parallel, there is a close relationship between the circulation and respiration, blood exhaled carbon dioxide, inhaling oxygen, make the veins purple blood into red, followed by arterial delivery to the body, the blood circulation for a week for about 24 seconds, a day supply of 3600 weeks, the number of breaths we take, a day 20000 times, the inhalation of oxygen is 380 cubic feet, the considerable work, we when he does not perception, if we can breathe normally the blood run, no block, the body will be healthy, once the block, the province will get sick of each organ.

Blood block and ill, for several reasons: 1, not breathing normally, and can not play very good attract oxygen and spit out the carbon dioxide gas effect. 2, the body and blood stasis of blood, general store in the abdomen, abdominal force due to inadequate, often happen congestion, so that the other part loss of coordination. With the sympathetic nerve, 3 internal organs, can not be directly controlled by the brain, in physiology called involuntary muscle. When we sleep, although the body still, but it does not stop. In general, not to our mind about it, so when it block and disease, so that we can prevent every. 4, the heart beats, the artery close and strong, as far as the vein, because it is from the head and limbs blood back to the people affected by the beating of the heart lung, strength is weak, so it is easier to block.

According to the above analysis, the visible human body blood, just as railway transportation, easy circulation; transportation stagnation, blood stasis, the backlog of material necessity; people will have the disease. Only sit for one method, can make the brain cortex activity tends to calm the normal, and the whole body of work more smoothly and coordination, while breathing and obtain the harmonic because practice, through respiration, the diaphragm moves up and down, abdominal force is compact, can be ejected from the stomach Yu blood, returning to the heart, then the heart out of the blood, transported to the province. If the work of breathing deeply, strengthen the visceral sensation, can make the involuntary muscles can also give full play to the role, and the beating of the heart, but also the natural order and powerful. Thus, the blood circulation is smooth, and the new supersedes the old. The effect is satisfactory, the disease is not easy to occur, even if the occasional discomfort, also can know in advance, make it soon restoration. Treatment is in not before, a busy doctor after disease, its gain and loss is cannot be mentioned in the same breath.