Luohan Quan

Luo Han Quan Arhat Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Luo Han Quan (Arhat Fist)

Luo Han Quan (Arhat Fist), one of the Shaolin Kung fu martial arts. Because the Shaolin disciple dedicated to Shakya Muni, and as the fist eighteen Arhats posture, so called arhat boxing. The main means of septate, forced, Chong, flash, point, lift, pressure, hook, copy, throwing. Kicking about Teng, rolling, sweep, bomb. Arhat boxing requirements on a quest, step to change, the body such as the rudder, flexible, pay attention to “take out” and “protection”, cliffide flower power requirements

Arhat boxing, according to legend, a record since the Indian monks Damour. Liang Datong Ding Wei, Damour barefoot into the Central Plains, speaking at the Shaolin Temple of Zen, see the monk all emaciation with sallow complexion, dizziness, very low nap sleep, body died, he said: “a person is not in the body is heavy, but it also is not clear solution to, so that the soul of discrete. Desire understanding, must strengthen the body and soul, is easy to have.” So a arhat boxing eighteen hand, delegate to the monks practice, only a few months, all be full of go, and this is the beginning.

Ruohanmen boxing on flexible footwork, hit fast and hard, quasi. It is mainly divided into “fist” and “fist” eight boxing, is blunt, elastic, peck, split, sweep, thrown, hook, ring.

Step on, fall, into retreat, stealing, twist,, flash, pendulum.

Feet are the kick, kick, feet, legs, front brake lining enamel leg after.

Ruohanmen includes eight legs, eight legs, eight hammer, eight hammer, Ming eight dozen, dark eight.

The eight dozen, dark eight dozen also called Mantis hand.

The eight pound along the step on them, beat, beat, beat, turning force screw lifting block beat, beat, beat, Liao Yin meteor distraction beat, originally scattered strokes, eight beat play together in combination.

Arhat boxing, the first is the practice of pile frame, Qi, strength, power and other basic skills, then single potential practice, then practise in pairs. The mind leads to God, nobody when someone, repeated practice, for a long time will be its essentials.