Liu He Quan

Liu He Quan Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Liu He Quan

Liu He Quan, one of the Shaolin Kung Fu boxing, originated in the late Yuan and early Ming Shaolin Temple Shaohuo monk monk Hunaro composes the Shaolin Liuhe Quan. Shaolin Liuhe Quan has been a Shaolin Temple close not rumored earthquake Temple treasure, after generation martial monks and constantly revised and improved, the fist exquisite has reached the realm of perfection in one’s studies. Shaolin Liuhe Quan consists of six form Z color strokes combination, it is called ” Liuhe Quan “. This routine is two people in order to combat based on practice. Its characteristic is, really hit combat, straight from the break, concise, offensive and defensive balance, refused to take potential. Shaolin Liuhe Quan step is simple, flexible, long kick hit near, flexible. In with the melee, sand grappling skills, a winning. In the Chinese martial arts kick, hit, throw, take four skills are contained in some of boxing.

Shaolin Liu He Quan chastity, vigorous, focus on practical, beneficial to the body.


1. The routine combination carefully

Shaolin Liuhe Quan routines from the beginning to the end, the layout is reasonable, strict structure, the rhythm.

2. Attack Zhao Meng

Liuhe Quan Routine, which moves the attacker is fierce, two is even, can attack is fierce, it certainly break attack. As the fist foot kick and punch elbow, make the other party be taken by surprise, this is called. As a foot, even three beat, so that the other party can not breathe, no defense, this is called.

3. Attack and defense balance, to combat

Liuhe Quan each routine every potential with two strokes, one is attacking strokes, two is to prevent strokes, which hit and anti people, called the attack and defense. So exercise time, can handle very skillfully, if the wrong committed, all can be overcome, that to combat.

4. The step is simple, flexible

Shaolin Liuhe Quan from first to last step is relatively simple, multi use lunges, empty step, step three. The mostly used to frontal attack, such as punch, punch, kick, push play, flying feet. Ma Buduo used to shed, Sideswipe, hit, step back, to avoid, flash, hide and change for transitional and temporary step potential. The above three steps, which is simple and easy to practice, and freely.

5. Diversion, finger play

Liuhe Quan in the techniques commonly used diversionary, finger play, such as the three road in the “Prodigal Son,” Pinball “fairy Zhai eggplant” first hit is false, by foot kick is really. Such as “red monkey recoil”, make each other misunderstanding and negative fled, and if he drop one’s guard, but I rapid counterattack, so that it is very difficult to parry.

6. Near enemy pester, rich in martial arts

In the Liuhe Quan, three, multi use near enemy, twist, as close to each other, to attack each other or to grab a key position, then push to play or disability. So not only systematically practiced eye and body, and verified each recruit a potential usage, but also improve the level of art of attack and defense. As a way of “pulling shoulder”, “elbow”, three “,” Yin and Yang imp grind “Qiao Shi” and so on, are clear examples.

7. Flexible, both technical wisdom

Liuhe Quan walkthrough, first at Ling, first knowledge of technology, Shi Qizhi, both technical wisdom, all win. Such as the three road, a “double cup to see” B sprang, B knows a fierce, is turned to “red monkey recoil” hide, and then waiting for an opportunity to attack, then win. And “Daisen Royal Arms”, is based on the technology of wisdom, break the other.