Kicks Leg

Kicks Leg

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Kicks Leg

Kicks Leg is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kung fu.

Kicks Leg is the leg power and flexibility training is the most important step, it can consolidate the leg press, split, hanging leg effect, also for the actual leg training and lay a solid foundation. Often split kick problem:

1, the focus of instability, or even fall;

2, support legs with lifting or supporting leg bending at the knees;

3, bend convex back. To solve the above problem,

Kicks Leg should pay attention to the following points:

1. His legs to light

The legs will kick up, quickly will the body center of gravity moved to the other leg, which will kick the leg muscles relax, it will play a leg kick light, fast like the wind. In order to prevent falls, also can be against the wall or wall to practice.

2. Faster, kick

The legs up to face rapid swing, there is an accelerated process. When kicking hip to recoil, swing up a small strength. Just practice kick, must maintain the regulated movement, would rather play just after the chest is not the supporting leg heel or bending at the knees, or bend convex head went to touch toes, these are that the flexibility training leg is not in place, ligament has not opened. As long as we play with pressure, often practice ceaselessly, will achieve the feet touch the forehead.

3. Down the legs should be stable

Beginners often kick the leg had just landed, kick the other leg, appear thereby legs heavy, body askew phenomenon. This is because the kick out of the leg just landed, the center of gravity of the body is still the original supporting legs, shifting leg falls, it will appear the phenomenon of. The correct way is to implement the other leg, the body center of gravity change over to play the other leg. In fact, this exercise is beneficial to the application of serial leg in combat.

Kicks Leg method

It had the place to do: single leg front kick, front kick or legs alternately. Play: the place to do flexion knee single leg front kick or legs bend alternate front kick practice. Side play: do sit to the side of the body straight or bent leg kick exercises. After the play: the place to do straight or bent leg kick after exercise. Go play: walk in the process, to do is kick, Qu Ti, side kick, kick, practice. Run the play: jogging in the process, and the lift or kicking. Such as: the wheel run, jog, run after, high leg lift and so on. Hopscotch method: do light jumping exercises, plus some or kicking and other movements. Such as: abdomen jump, pad step jump, hop etc.. Fu kick: walking support, do various kick drill. A leg: do the action, pay attention to the foot of a straight action. Such as: after the play, play, can be used. Hook feet: when action, a foot movements. Lying way: lying on the bed, single leg, legs, legs alternately up and kicking.