Hu Quan

Hu Quan Tiger Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Hu Quan (Tiger Form)

Shaolin Hu Quan (Tiger Form or Fist), Shaolin Kung fu in the pictographic boxing, boxing style strong, such as tiger down the mountain, roaring tiger sang wai. Methods commonly used throughout the fist road tiger claw, intended to bring gas, gas penetration of fingers. Hand, eye, body, footwork, coordinated, rapid and changeable, impossible to guard against. Shaolin tiger boxing to show the king of beasts of the mighty momentum.

Tiger Quan is to follow the tiger prey, jumping, running on the offensive and defensive boxing action with martial arts created, its characteristic is to form a fist, to God, to destroy force, FA Jin glaring strengths, look at fiercely as a tiger does, with angry tiger out of the forest, two claw Nukiyama force.

Hand type multi claw, dainty fingers skill, more on the plate to seal the bunt, portal, to keep home, compact actions.

The footwall footwork known for sound, to exercise step. Boxing proverbs say: “pile step skilled pure learning, do gas Shen Dan Tian, strong if not fall weng.”

Tiger pile static pile and pile into two, combination of static and dynamic, static to dynamic, potential, when the smart cat. Small multi Hanxiong pull back, shoulder cubits long. Body law requires swallow, spit, floating, sinking, strength by the waist, push up to the fingertips. Pay attention to external training base, Ma, in practice, in practice the essence, gas, god. Sometimes such as tiger down the mountain, sometimes as angry tiger out of the woods, sometimes as act swiftly and violently, can reflect the strong and aggressive style.