Horse Stance

Horse Stance Ma Bu

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Horse Stance

The horse stance is the foundation Kung Fu of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kung Fu is also important to practise Shaolin Kung Fu, want to learn to play first “Zama Bu” argument. The horse stance has two purposes, one is to train leg force, two is the train.


The first step: the feet to open 15 degrees, the same with the shoulder width, and then slightly squat.

The second step: Double toe began to turn to the front. This is to obtain a twisting force.

The third step: focus, deep gradually squat. This is for the downward force.

The fourth step, the feet up, achieve their feet until three wide. This is to be a force, the force is abduction. To overcome this, leg thigh muscles start to work, generates a reaction force to obtain the balance of the body. Feel the force, horizontal kick, kick, hook kick will have.

The fifth step, by embracing a swing hands, palms down.

Bu Punch

People in general does not have the foundation, to practice the fifth step, a bit difficult. If the horse red boxing can have a five hundred or six hundred or 1000 level, it is not too difficult, pile, can stand for three five minutes, then do the fifth step can easily point.

Remember: to step by step. Would rather slowly, also want to maintain interest. To master the core, you can change the: such as, do several times a day, one only one hundred punches. In this way, a long time, can long time. But the focus, of course is the fifth step. At that time, mainly in the hands of Kung fu.