Hit Sandbag

Hit Sandbag

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Hit Sandbag

Hit Sandbag is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kung fu. Sandbags can exercise the arm, back, waist, and sensitivity, the respiratory volume. Often play sandbags to help improve their body resistance and attack.

Method Of Exercise

1. Fixed game: can let a person to hold the sandbags, practice accurately. This is the primary stage, which can make the learning experience and strength, kicking unidentified essentials, force a mistake, at this stage could easily be counterforce top down; punch unknown force, easily find yourself pushing ills or hit soft, standing on a step forward to hit the sandbag hitting position step, in order to experience distance, whole body force, penetration, attack, shock force etc.. If the completion of significant skill hit, rising for the activities of sandbags.

2. To sandbag: live sand bags than fixed difficult, sandbags in the rock, you may have a shot, a hammer, a powerful but no power. It should be combined with experience of boxing and footwork: Chase play, play, play, fight setback continuously hit, before hand point play, play is rich and changeful, direction hit wonderful. Similarly, the hits in motion, should kick, not every time.

3. Click and combination. Repeat the single hit, can firmly grasp a boxing foot force, this is the initial stage must be pay attention to playing sandbags. Don’t swatting a start. About to hit, to see whether they make the whole power? Combination can be hit, hit a second straight, a gradual transition to repeatedly hit, hit in the order of priority in, to change. Especially the hands of batter density, not a hand is the hand, foot is the foot. Interlocking, hand foot, foot hand out, coherent, such as freely flowing style of writing make smooth reading.