Hand Type

Shaolin Hand Types

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skill Hand Types

Hand type Shaolin Kung fu with a fist, palm, hook, etc., is the foundation of training exercises of Shaolin Kung fu, say “palm is a door, boxing meteor hammer, olecranon hook like”

Boxing: four fingers close together volumes grip, the thumb on the index finger and middle finger second finger.

Zhang: four fingers close together straight, bent thumb fastened to the user.

Hook: five fingers first knuckle squeeze together, carpus.

Basic Action:

1. Punch: two internal rotation move out, fist down, eyes front.

2. By turning the palm before after both sides straight arm circle to head, finger relative, upright, with fingertip.

3. Hook two palms to both sides to the lateral raise position whereabouts variable hook, hook tip down, eyes front.