Effects Of Meditation On Body Function

April 23, 2013

Effects Of Meditation

Meditation can make one ill health, because meditation practice can mediate the body function. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, body and mind are uncoordinated, people will get sick, meditation is the role of the body and the heart of blending, and use the appropriate method.

Meditation neuroimaging of great. Brain reflection, according to Buddhist explained, a delusion, or innate, carry on and go, one’s whole life, no time to stop. Delusion Wu Nian, people would be hung up, and the impact on the physical and mental health. For example, someone has done a disgraceful thing, being exposed, some met red ear, heart be very upset. This is because of the fear that nervous, like a taut string, easily broken. Also, people in the face of a sad, sad thoughts that have no appetite. Such examples can be seen everywhere, can happen at any time. If a person can be the myriads of changes of emotion control, there will be peace of mind; control fails, will become crazy crazy for a class of people. Delusion is difficult to control, especially in today’s high-speed development of the society, everyone is facing great pressure. Only from the meditation of practice, in the course of time, can be unified, body and mind, be not disturbed, keep balance.

Although the differences in between, western medicine is very great, but one thing is the same, that is the traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, all is according to the pulse. It is the method used by the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis “cut”. Massage, aim is to check the blood circulatory system. The blood through the body, oxygen transport. The heart is the body of the engine, the red blood is from the heart to the body. If the blood circulatory system once stagnation, people will get sick; if you break down, the person will die. Cardiovascular disease is threatening the health of the high incidence of disease. However, meditation will focus on systemic stability of lower abdomen, through practice, can cause abdominal muscle elasticity, can force the local congestion, returning to the heart, so that blood circulation is more smooth, natural is not easy to get sick. But through practice, can increase the sensitivity of visceral, slightly offset, you can know in advance, do “prevention in the first place”

Meditation also helps breathing. People can seven days without eating, but should not be a moment no breathing. Human activities needed to heat and energy, mainly from the digestion, absorption. Things in the stomach in the process of digestion and absorption, in fact, is the process of oxidation, oxygen inhalation and exhalation need carbon dioxide gas generated by. The gas exchange process of this body, known as the respiratory movement. The lungs are the main places of gas exchange. The respiratory capacity, has a close relationship with human health, meditation is very attention to breathing, breath to contact for basic, through long-term practice, learn the scientific use of breathing, the breathing ability.

Meditation is the practice of strengthening all the body’s physiological function, so that people can freely, to use science to, and constantly to stimulate the body’s internal potential, play a greater ability, so that the body of a harmonious, healthy in mind and body.